Unit Manager (RN) – Stonerise Rainelle – Rainelle, WV

The Unit Manager shall oversee direct nursing care and develop individualized plans of care in compliance with state and federal standards, rules, and regulations, facility policies and procedures. The Unit Manager assists/leads in coordinating care of individuals on unit with patient/resident, physician, family, and staff. Required to work directly and indirectly with center Administration, the Director of Nursing and other center leadership to promote the highest degree of quality in services provided.


  • Performs initial resident assessment, or ensures timely, accurate completion by others
  • Identifies resident’s physical needs, psychosocial needs, and problems and collaborates with the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) to develop plans of care to meet needs and address weaknesses, acts on findings appropriately
  • Assesses resident’s response to medications and/or treatments
  • Monitors unstable residents closely; calls physician when indicated
  • Organizes resident care assignments to meet needs
  • Prioritizes needs appropriately
  • Participates in care planning when assigned or requested
  • Administers medications accurately and safely
  • Makes rounds with physician weekly and as needed
  • Transcribes or reviews physicians’ orders correctly and completes necessary paperwork to ensure completion
  • Ensures all assigned residents are seen by their attending physician within 48 hours of admission and in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Ensures History and Physical is done upon admission and annually
  • Implements resident and family education plans when appropriate,
  • Assists and teaches the resident to be as self sufficient as possible
  • Communicates with other health care team members such as physicians, nurses, CNAs, social workers, activity personnel, dietary employees, and psychologists regarding resident status and response to treatment
  • Administers routine services in caring for patients/residents
  • Helps provide a suitable environment for residents
  • Makes every effort to maintain residents’ safety, comfort, and peace of mind, monitoring and assuring that preventative measures are taken in accordance with individual plan of care
  • Orders medication from pharmacy as needed
  • Practices good restorative nursing and oversees delivery of preventative and restorative care
  • Gives special care for prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers and infection
  • Isolates communicable diseases
  • Prevents spread of infection by proper hand washing, application of personal protective equipment (PPE), handling of linen and other potential sources of bacteria, disposal of waste and cleaning of equipment
  • Inserts gastrostomy feeding tubes and feeds residents having these tubes
  • Does tracheostomy care and suctioning of residents
  • Administers oxygen
  • Removes sutures and wire clamps
  • Inserts catheters, irrigates catheters, and monitors intake and output
  • Collects and sends specimens to lab, such as blood, stool, urine, sputum; makes out proper lab slip
  • Informs physician of drugs not covered by Medicaid
  • Assists with seating arrangement in dining room
  • Assists with daily nurse/CNA assignments
  • Completes QA audits as instructed
  • Fulfills staff nurse duties as instructed
  • Participates in appropriate clinical meetings and care conferences
  • Updates CNA Kardex as indicated
  • Prints and crosschecks monthly Physician’s Orders, MARS, TARS
  • Assists in completion of diagnosis lists with ICD9 coding
  • Monitors documentation in PCC and POC to ensure timely completion and compliance with requirements
  • Completes quarterly assessments according to MDS schedule
  • Obtains physical/chemical restraint consents from responsible parties
  • Assists in scheduling resident appointments and transportation, communicating information to appropriate individuals
  • Assists coordination of psychiatrist’s visits
  • Participates in employee interviews and evaluations
  • Seeks supervisory assistance appropriately
  • Assumes and carries out responsibility for leadership of nursing care team when assigned
  • Observes and teaches both nurses and aides in care of residents for safety and total resident care, in compliance with established policies and procedures, and state regulations
  • Serves on Center committees as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Hold a valid license as a Registered Nurse from the state in which services are provided
  • Maintains current CPR certification
  • Completes required and/or scheduled continuing education courses, offerings, webinars

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