Director of Nursing – Pilgrim Place – Claremont, CA

The Director of Nursing (DON)/Clinical Mentor provides clinical leadership to the organization ensuring the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the organization are supported through the clinical services of the organization. The DON participates in planning, organizing, directing and facilitating the clinical operations of all neighborhoods/households to ensure the regulatory compliance, nurture a culture of person-centered and resident direction, strengthen the ability of neighborhoods/ households to grow as separate effective neighborhoods/homes, and promote individual and team learning.

  • Clinical skills sufficient to meet all the primary responsibilities and organization’s expectations of the position clinically in directing nursing, teaching, supervision, and organizational oversight.
  • Demonstrates to all staff, residents and families that the organization is committed to the creation of the pleasures and good daily life expected of home. Understands that quality care is enhanced with quality of life in the neighborhood/household. Encourages pleasurable moments, laughter and fun in the neighborhoods/households. Engages sensitively and appropriately in the neighborhoods/households role-modeling the value of home.
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding and deep commitment to the principles of servant leadership. Sees this position as one of service, support and facilitation to residents, as well as the nursing staff for whom this position has direct responsibility. Ability to model and nurture servant leadership. Willing to do any necessary task in order to support the organization, including those that may be considered menial.
  • Ability to apply the highest levels of analysis, problem solving and appropriate responses to organizational needs. Extensive knowledge of available resources to apply to needs and concerns.
  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to identifying and responding to potential opportunities for growth and improvement, potential conflicts and problems, and areas of continuing need.
  • Highly committed to maintaining a learning environment for all nursing staff. Sensitive to opportunities to provide individuals and teams with both formal and informal learning opportunities. Sensitive to informal “teaching moments.” Understands the importance of leadership role modeling in nurturing desired attitudes and behaviors.
  • Works to nurture healthy conflict resolution practices throughout all nursing staff and defers conflict resolution within neighborhoods/households whenever possible. Coaches and supports others to provide mediation when it is needed, and explores this possibility before assuming mediation role. Demonstrates strong ability to mediate conflicts when it is determined necessary.
  • Relates to residents, families and staff in a manner that demonstrates and elicits trust and respect. Ability to provide clear observations, directions, expectations, and feedback to individuals and teams throughout the organization. Ability to act as strong liaison and advocate for the overall organization, specific neighborhoods/households, and individuals with outside entities as necessary, as well as nurturing these abilities in others.


  • Ensures the clinical operations are in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, the nurse practice act of the state and professional standards of nursing care while honoring person-centered and resident-directed care.
  • Provides leadership to neighborhood/household teams to develop policies and parameters for clinical practices and neighborhood/household management that support the values of person-centered and resident-directed care.
  • Guides the development of clinical policies and procedures which ensure safe, sanitary and efficient practices supporting professional standards of nursing care.
  • Assures proper hiring, orientation, training, clinical competency, licensed and CNA/RNA meetings, coaching, educating, counseling and performance evaluations are maintained/conducted in a manner supportive of team and professional standards or practice.
  • Assures staff support organizational fiscal viability through efficient and effective use of all resources of the organization, including maintaining clinical staffing and supply budgets within planned expenditures; maintain staffing patterns consistent with the philosophy, objectives and availability of resources.
  • Mentors and guides the clinical component of continuous quality improvement in support of a systemic approach to quality clinical care.
  • Participates in the strategic planning process of the organization.
  • Keeps abreast of current state and federal regulations, as well as professional standards and makes recommendations for incorporation into policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Reviews program policies and procedures at least annually and makes recommendations for change.
  • Performs professional assessments and monitors the quality of delegated assessments and clinical nursing functions through continuous quality assurance improvement.
  • Assures that resident rights and responsibilities are honored and met. Monitors the community and neighborhood/household response to resident concerns through continuous quality improvement.
  • Supports meeting all resident and neighborhoods/households needs by actively assisting, to the extent of cross training and certification, in all tasks to meet identified needs.
  • Establishes appropriate controls for the administration of all medications and treatments and administration procedure/control of medications, including disposal of drugs, under the direction of pharmacist and pharmacy committee.
  • Assists in preparation of documentation of Medicare records for presentation to Utilization Review Committee to include participation in Infection Control, Pharmacy and Patient Care Policy Committee presentations and implementations.
  • Oversees the Resident Assessment Instrument Implementation & Reviews, RUG’s and PPS.
  • Determines residents’ qualifying for Medicare Part A coverage. Liaison with HMO Case Managers for member coverage under Medicare Part A program.
  • Participate in Culture Change process through committee assignments that may involve Steering Committee, Action teams, PersonFirst team, and/or self-led neighborhood/household teams.
  • Attends a variety of meetings such as Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee Utilization Review, Pharmacy, Infection Control, Stand-up, Team meetings, Move Team meetings, and Supervisor/Leadership meetings and participates as Safety Team Member.
  • Proactively support the achievement of all team organizational goals.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be interpreted as all-inclusive. Supervisors as deemed appropriate may assign additional functions and requirements.


  • Possess a valid RN license to practice nursing in the State of California.
  • Five years experience in nursing with a minimum of two years in a supervisory, administrative capacity preferable in a licensed skilled nursing facility.
  • Working knowledge of Title XXII and OBRA, HCFA, Chapter 3, state and federal regulations pertaining to skilled nursing facilities, Medicare, Medi-Cal.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in a variety of circumstances and make sound judgments.

Job Type: Full-time

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