POOL LPN/RN – St. Camillus – Milwaukee, WI

Hours: Work 2 shifts/month (on any shift) on a Sat or Sun to fulfill the pool requirements. 2 holidays/yr.

Why St. Camillus?

Find a higher purpose. You’ll be a voice for people at their most vulnerable- providing both dignity and care. While the feeling is different for every nurse, we hear regularly from LTC nurses who share the deep personal and professional fulfillment they receive from their role.

Change Lives. Unlike the revolving door of patients seen by nurses in hospitals, you’ll form deep, meaningful relationships with your residents over extended periods of care.

Specialize in everything! You’ll develop quickly after working on a variety of diagnoses, interventions, and skills that wouldn’t be made available to you in a nurse role in most hospitals.

Job Security. The need for nurses is already at an all-time high, and there’s no better job security than a projected increase of 32+ million folks in the next 15 years who may require care from you.

There’s MORE!? We didn’t even get into faster advancement opportunities, increased autonomy, or that long-term care will provide you with the skills necessary to move into many other care settings. But once you’ve started, you may not want to leave.

Source: Indeed.com
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