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Sibley Site Supervisor-NON DAKOTA COUNTY RECRUITMENT – Dakota County – Dakota County, MN

General Description

DEPARTMENT: DC Historical Society
HOURS: 30 hrs per week
SALARY: $10-$15/hr
LOCATION: Sibley Historic Site, Mendota
UNION: n/a
CLOSE DATE: 5:00 p.m. on December 18, 2020

** This is a non-Dakota County recruitment.

The Sibley Site Supervisor is the primary person responsible for day-to-day operations at the Sibley, Faribault and Dupuis Site in Mendota, Minnesota (“Sibley Site”).

The Site Supervisor coordinates with the Dakota County Historical Society (“DCHS”) Executive Director (ED), staff at Lawshe Museum and LeDuc Estate, and Sibley volunteers to develop and execute programs at the Sibley Site.

The Site Supervisor schedules tours and events, ensures scheduled staff/volunteers are at the site, creates site programming including special events and school tours, assists DCHS with bookkeeping for the site, and coordinates activities with the DCHS and the Minnesota Historical Society (“MNHS”). Staff will also work closely with the City of Mendota, Friends of the Sibley Historic Site, Mendota Mdewakanton, Daughters of the American Revolution, and La Compagnie. The LeDuc Estate’s Site Supervisor will assist with scheduling staff each month. The Site Supervisor will coordinate volunteers, as well as deposits and other duties as assigned within the site.

This is a part-time position with variable hours, seasonable in nature with fewer hours necessary during winter season and more hours during mid-Spring through mid-Fall. This position reports to the ED, and ultimately to the DCHS Board of Trustees (“Board”).

The Dakota County Historical Society, in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS), operates the Sibley Historic Site. Many responsibilities of the Site Supervisor and activities at the site are accountable to both DCHS and MNHS.

Minimum Qualifications

Skills and Experience
Minimum Education – Bachelor’s Degree in History or related field

Required – excellent communication & organizational skills; enthusiasm for working with and empowering volunteers.

Desired – strong interest in history, ability to be flexible, sense of humor, ability to work with a wide range of personalities, and experience in teaching, or museum interpretation

Duties & Responsibilities

Visitor Experience Management

  • Assist in providing service to visitors throughout the site. The Sibley Site includes three major buildings (Sibley House, Faribault House, and Dupuis House), and several smaller out-buildings.
  • Track attendance at the Sibley Site and provide monthly updates to both DCHS and MNHS
  • Be on site to assist visitors during open operating hours Initial “open” hours:

    • Saturdays 1-5 p.m., Sundays 1-5 p.m., and Monday holidays 1-5 p.m.
    • Typically 3-4 days per week from late May-late October, may be more during special events and less during the off season (November – April)
  • Communicate with visitors additional events and programs taking place at other DCHS operated sites.

Personnel Management

  • Be the face of DCHS at the Sibley Historic Site
  • Oversee tour guides in their specific areas of operations
  • Schedule all tour staff for regular tour hours, special events, and group tours.
  • Address employee concerns and convey these to the DCHS Executive Director.
  • Bring issues and concerns of site management to the DCHS Executive Director.
  • Communicate policies and information from DCHS to site staff and ensure they are implemented.
  • Train staff and volunteers on emergency procedures, both weather and/or medical, and familiarize all with the emergency “call list”.

Special Events and Programming

  • Develop plans and budgets for special events and/or programs in consultation with the DCHS Executive Director
  • Contact and schedule appropriate speakers, re-enactors and other program participants as needed
  • Work with Executive Director and others to ensure that programming supports the mission and goals of DCHS.
  • Schedule staff and volunteers for special events.
  • Schedule caterer and plan events, as needed.
  • Volunteer management functions may be delegated to responsible tour guide or volunteer.
  • Serve as primary contact for prospective and existing volunteers.

Rental Events

  • Develop plans and budgets for rental events.
  • Manage all aspects of site rental process, including sales, scheduling, planning and organizing staff schedules.
  • Ensure appropriate records are kept and that each event is appropriately staffed.

Community Relations

  • Serve as primary point of contact for community members interested in Sibley site.

    • Ensure tour staff and volunteers are trained to provide positive contacts with community members and organizations.
  • Serve as liaison with volunteer organizations
  • Work with other staff to ensure publicity opportunities are pursued.
  • Notify ED of opportunities and obstacles related to building and maintaining positive community relations.
  • Concerns reported about staff, volunteers, or site operations need to be referred to ED immediately

Financial Management

  • Work with DCHS staff to ensure site operates within established budget parameters. Actively manage staff hours and costs to ensure efficient operation.
  • Communicate with DCHS regarding needs for petty cash; provide weekly reports of cash flow to DCHS for bank deposits
  • Ensure opening and closing procedures are done as needed and necessary staff is trained on proper procedures

Museum Store

  • Support staff or volunteers tasked with managing museum store operations, be able to assist with:

    • Maintain vendor records
    • Tracking monthly sales information
    • Monthly reporting
  • Ensure tour staff are trained to:

    • Operate Square Point of Sale cash register system
    • Perform opening and closing tasks associated with store and admissions
  • Determine appropriate items to be available in the museum store using the guidelines developed for DCHS site stores

Media Relations/Marketing

  • Refer all media contacts to DCHS Executive Director
  • Provide to appropriate staff members and/or ED all necessary information for marketing events and activities
  • Notify ED of any positive, negative, or controversial events/media inquiries

Site Maintenance & Safety

  • Maintain records of incidents reported at the site and provide to ED immediately
  • Identify unsafe conditions and address if capable of doing so safely, or notify appropriate person(s)
  • Identify maintenance needs for the site as they occur

    • May address simple maintenance needs if capable and time is available
    • If beyond capabilities, create work order for MNHS to resolve
  • Communicate maintenance needs to MHS personnel and DCHS Executive Director
  • Responsible for all basic custodial needs of the site, except for historic artifacts

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities and Work Environment


  • Initial “open” hours are Saturdays 1-5 p.m., Sundays 1-5 p.m., and Monday holidays 1-5 p.m.
  • Additional hours will be required for special events or activities, not to exceed a total of 30 hours/week
  • Typically 3-4 days per week from late May-late October, may be more during special events and less during the off season (November – April)
  • During the off season, Site Supervisor is expected to assist in planning events for the next season
  • Assist as needed at other sites in offseason at the discretion of the ED

Non-Exempt (hourly)
.75FTE, Part-time, Average 30 hours/week

$10 – 15 / hour
Health Benefits: Available at part-time rate
Flex Time: Available
Unpaid Time Off: Yes, with prior ED approval

Work Week
Typically 3-4 days per week 30 hours per week, 52 weeks
Flexible, but will require some evenings & weekends

To apply, submit a cover letter and resume
The deadline to apply is 5:00 p.m. (CST) on Monday, July 15, 2019

To apply online, send to: [email protected] with Site Supervisor in the subject line.

To apply via mail, send to:

Matt Carter

Dakota County Historical Society 130 3rd Avenue N
South St. Paul, MN 55075

Click Here To Apply

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