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Department of Children and Families

We are seeking a qualified Physician (Part-Time) to provide psychiatric coverage for our facility in Middletown, CT. The Physician will have the Adolescent Medicine Specialist or Pediatrician and attending Psychiatrist available over the phone for consultation as needed. This is a part-time position. An example of a schedule would be:

  • One 24 hour weekend shift 8:30 am to 8:30 am to total twenty four (24) hours per biweekly pay period

*Shifts assignments are based on availability and facility operational need.

Why Us

The Albert J. Solnit Children’s Center is widely recognized as a center of excellence for family-centered treatment of children and youth with serious emotional disturbances. This state-administered Psychiatric facility provides comprehensive care to children and adolescents under the age of eighteen, with severe mental illness and related behavioral and emotional problems who cannot be safely assessed or treated in a less restrictive setting. The South Campus consists of four co-ed hospital units and three female adolescent Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility cottages (PRTF).

We are passionate about helping advance Connecticut into the future. Every single day is an opportunity to positively impact the lives of Connecticut citizens. Our employees:

  • Serve the public through meaningful work.
  • Seek limitless opportunities to grow.
  • Enjoy a work/life balance.
  • Are interested in diversity and fresh perspective.

Applicants must meet the Minimum Qualifications as listed on the job opening and must specify their qualifications on their application. The minimum experience and training requirements must be met by the close date on the job opening, unless otherwise specified.

Please note you will be unable to make revisions once you submit your application for this posting to the JobAps system. Interviews will be limited to candidates whose experience and training most closely meet the requirements of the position. The immediate vacancy is listed above, however, applications to this recruitment may be used for future vacancies in this job class.

Although applicants will receive correspondence via email, as a backup they are also encouraged to sign on to their Personal Status Board on a daily basis to monitor their status, view all emailed notices and complete tasks required in the recruitment process. Due to the large volume of applications received, we are unable to provide confirmation of receipt or status during the recruitment process. Updates will be available through your JobAps portal account.

Note: At any point during the recruitment process, applicants may be required to submit additional documentation which support their qualification(s) for this position. These documents may include: a cover letter, performance reviews, attendance records, supervisory references, licensure, etc., at the discretion of the hiring agency. If selected for further consideration, State employees may be required to provide last 2 service ratings last 2 attendance records. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications as indicated to apply for this position.

This posting may require completion of additional referral questions (RQs). You can access these RQs via an email that will be sent to you after the posting’s closing date or by visiting your JobAps Personal Status Board (Certification Questionnaires section). Your responses to these RQs must be submitted by the question’s expiration date. Please regularly check your email and JobAps Personal Status Board for notifications. Please check your SPAM and/or Junk folders on a daily basis in the event an email provider places auto-notification emails in a user’s spam.

All application materials must be received by the recruiting agency by the time specified on the job opening for the position for which you are applying. Late applications may not be submitted and will not be considered. Exceptions are rare and limited to documented events that incapacitate a candidate during the entire duration of the job posting time period. It is the candidate’s obligation and responsibility to request an exception and provide a legally recognized justification to accommodate such exception. Requests should be made to [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment, please contact Ethan Ives at [email protected]

In a state agency this class is accountable for providing part time medical treatment services to patients.

Provides 24 hour medical supervision to specified groups of patients and facility coverage as scheduled, including on-call and weekend coverage; examines, diagnoses and medically treats patients; develops and monitors integrated treatment plans; interviews, examines and admits patients to treatment; performs physical examinations; orders, analyzes and interprets medical and laboratory tests; prescribes appropriate medications and treatments; coordinates treatment with other therapeutic programs; provides medical expertise and consultation to treatment teams; orders and monitors special treatment procedures; performs discharge planning; participates in staff meetings; maintains accurate, up-to-date medical records and prepares required reports according to hospital policy and/or JCAHO and HCFA standards; performs related duties as required.

Knowledge of methods and principles of medicine and surgery; knowledge of current principles and methods of assessment and treatment of patients with medical illness, mental illness and substance abuse disorders; knowledge of recent developments in field of medicine and substance abuse; interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; ability to examine for diagnose, assess and treat patients with medical and/or substance abuse disorders; ability to prescribe appropriate medications and other treatments specific to medical illness, mental illness and substance abuse disorders; ability to analyze and interpret laboratory reports, x-rays and other medical reports and findings; ability to maintain accurate patient records and charts.

Completion of one year of a residency program.

Preference will be given to those who possess the following:

  • Experience with and exposure to CT public Mental Health systems of care
  • Experience working in state mental health facilities providing care for children, adolescents, and their families

1. Incumbents in this class may be required to possess and retain a license to practice medicine and surgery in Connecticut. A temporary license may be granted for a period not to exceed one (1) year.

2. Incumbents in this class may be required to demonstrate continued competency and proficiency in the practice of medicine by successfully completing an established agency program.

3. Incumbents in this class may be required to be board certified in internal medicine, family medicine or neurology.

4. Incumbents must possess and maintain eligibility for participation in federal health care programs as defined in 42 U.S. 1320a-7b(f).

5. Incumbents in this class may be required to be bilingual.

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