AODA Counselor/Case Manager – Brown County, WI – Green Bay, WI

Screens and assesses clients referred for AODA services for appropriateness and their service needs.

Provision of conventional AODA counseling services from an office setting, and this includes individual and group counseling and other AODA services provided within an outpatient clinic.

Participates in evaluation of client needs and strengths. Assists in designing supports and interventions.

Provides AODA case management services. Case management refers to the identification, coordination and oversight of case management services for clients residing in community settings, with case management intensity being at the Targeted Case Management level or at the Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) level. The provision of case management services can also extend to individuals with drug /alcohol and mental health conditions.

Case Management provides appropriate AODA services including intake, assessment, case management, and direct services to consumers who have mental health and substance use conditions (when co-occurring), including engaging and providing these services in the community.

Interviews and completes a bio-psychosocial assessment on each client except for IDP clients where the Wisconsin Assessment of the Impaired Driver (WAID) is completed.

In the IDP assessor role, counselors utilize the WAID assessment and other necessary tools needed to complete the assessment and make appropriate referrals.

Provides counseling/crisis intervention; to individuals, couples, and families in individual and group modalities where applicable.

Provides linkage to other services or support systems in the community.

Works with a multi-disciplinary team, actively communicating on client needs and problem-solving solutions.

Plans, recommends, and implements referrals of clients and their families to appropriate agencies for treatment and follow up.

Coordinates various and specific referrals to decrease duplication of services and increase cooperation between service providers.

Works with clients and their families regarding three signature alcohol commitment, explains nature of probable cause hearings, commitment hearings and recommitment hearings to clients and their significant others.

Acts as liaison with staff from contract counties, referral agencies, or other treatment programs regarding client referral, treatment, progress, and discharge recommendations.

Provides primary case management for assigned clients, including assessment, treatment planning, monitoring, and evaluations, which can include monitoring commitments and hold opens.

Develops and implements service plans that provide for appropriate mental health services to clients and their families.

Screens and assesses clients referred from the court system, employee assistance programs, Department of Motor Vehicles, and other related agencies.

Provides community education; serves as consultant to other agencies, industries, and committees regarding chemical dependency and AODA treatment programs.

Coordinates referrals to residential treatment programs including thorough assessment for all clients. Fulfills all mandated reporting duties to the appropriate agencies and departments required.

Assists in program development and participates in program implementation.

Supervises students and other trainees, as assigned.

Attends staff meetings, in-services and outside agency training sessions.

Maintains the confidential nature of client and business information.

Complies with all local, state, and federal laws governing clients and the rendering of services.

Completes and maintains necessary documentation according to applicable requirements, codes and policies.

Performs related functions as assigned.

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