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JOB SUMMARY: The Food Service Director is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting, and physical management of the dietary department’s employees and equipment in a waythat the dietary services of the facility shall be maintained in accordance with established policies. The Food Service Director is directly responsible to the Administrator.


1. A Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition from an accredited college or university.

2. Graduation from a course in food service supervision which meets the established by the American Dietetic Association or graduate of another course in foods service supervision with ninety (90) or more hours in classroom instruction with on-the-job counseling by a dietitian.


1. Must be physically and mentally capable of performing routine job duties.

2. Be personable with residents, families, and staff in a professional and cooperative manner.

3. Good administrative, managerial, organizational, planning, and interpersonal skills.

4. Leadership qualities that motivate and direct the dietary staff.

5. Must have compassion, tolerance, and understanding for the elderly.

6. Knowledge of JCAHO, HFS, IDPH, OSHA, OBRA, county, city, and state regulations as well as standards of accrediting agencies as they pertain to dietary services.

Must have CDM Cerf.


A. Support the facility’s philosophy of care and strive to achieve its goals and objectives.

B. Establish, in conjunction with the dietary consultant, dietary policies and procedures and maintain their currency with new state and federal regulations.

C. Represent dietary department with administration, other departments, at staff meetings, and communicate pertinent information to dietary employees.

D. Supervise ordering of all food and kitchen supplies in appropriate quantities based upon the menu and the maintenance of adequate reserves in case of an emergency (perishable food to meet 2 day need and staple food to meet 7 day need). File invoices with the Administrator or designee and maintain department records.

E. Supervise the receiving and storage of food and kitchen supplies and maintain the storage room in a neat and orderly manner.

F. Ensure the use of standardized recipes in food preparation.

G. Inspect and supervise food preparation and service to ensure that infection control and the highest sanitation standards in all aspects of the dietary department are followed.

H. Control food and labor costs without compromising the high standard of food service quality.

I. Assure proper maintenance of all food service equipment in all kitchen areas in conjunction with the maintenance director .

J. Obtain staff by recruiting, interviewing, and verifying references in order to employ the number and kinds of personnel needed.

K. Supervise scheduling of sufficient staff to ensure uninterrupted service to the residents at all times.

L. Ascertain that each employee in the dietary department is aware of the lines of authority and exercise disciplinary action or termination when necessary and provide appropriate documentation in the employee’s personnel record.

M. Provide regular in-services to dietary staff in all aspects of food preparation.

N. Check the time records of the food service staff for verification of accuracy

and return them to the Administrative Assistant for payroll processing.

O. Visit with residents upon admission to make an initial nutritional assessment and to ascertain food preferences and give instructions to residents, family, and staff regarding dietary requirements and restrictions.

P. Date the cycle menu weekly and maintain essential records:

a) meal census

b) diets served

c) menus

d) purchase records

e) diet cardex

f) diet roster (maintain for thirty days)

g) nutrition assessment and health plans

h) weekly staffing patterns

Q. Meet with dietary consultant regularly and act on recommendations as appropriate.

R. Make rounds at meal times to check resident’s acceptance of foods served. Make recommendations for changes in diet based on observations.

S. Ensure that all residents with special needs are provided with therapeutic or mechanically altered diets such as mechanical soft, puree, diabetic, low cholesterol, etc.

T. Check and update nourishment lists for the nursing unit, and supply nourishment for the units accordingly. Provided nursing adequate equipment

or beverages to ensure hydration.

U. Monitor significant changes in each resident’s body weight and, upon consultation with the dietitian, modify resident’s diet accordingly.

V. Provide meal substitution for residents when requested and approved by resident’s physician.

W. Confer with nursing, activities, and other departments to coordinate dietary services for facility special events.

X. Determine an initial plan of care for each resident and update the assessment quarterly or as needed utilizing the EMR system.

Y. Complete the Nutrition Section of the MDS form upon admission, quarterly, annually and/or in cases of significant change utilizing the EMR system.

Z. Participate in Care Plan, Department Head, Quality Assurance, and Performance Improvement meetings and others as deemed appropriate.

AA. Implement any plan of correction as required by State and Federal surveys in the dietary department.

AB. Follow established fire, disaster, safety, infection control and evacuation policies and procedures.

AC. Perform other related duties as directed by the Administrator.

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