Personal Care Worker – Colfax Health and Rehab – Colfax, WI

Functions of the Job

Perform work providing personal physical care consistent with each resident’s individual care plan; and perform other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

  • Graduation from high school or GED equivalency.
  • Six to twelve months experience in a related field preferred.
  • Certified in Medication Administration, Fire Safety, Standard Precautions, and First Aid/Choking with the state of Wisconsin. We will certify in house.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Makes a positive contribution to the lives of our residents by practicing and demonstrating our service expectations as described in the policy and procedures in all interactions with residents, families, and other staff.
  • Reviews individual service plans, assignments, and service schedules to provide high quality and appropriate care to residents.
  • Performs duties that provide personal physical care, hygiene, and nutritional needs of a resident, within established policy and procedures.
  • Assisting in the administration of medications, treatments, and specialized treatments under the direction of the manager, nurse, or company policy and procedures.
  • Writes in log book, completes assignment sheet and schedules for service or special instructions pertaining to residents
  • Maintains resident’s dignity, privacy, confidentiality, and respect consistent with the Bill of Resident Rights and company standards.
  • Observes residents’ functioning and promptly reports any change in condition and behavior to management staff or a nurse.
  • Observes and reports on any unsafe condition or operational problems to any member of the management staff.
  • Responds on own initiative to help residents and co-workers with difficulties or needs for service acting on visual or auditory indications of need for assistance, including anticipating residents needs when not vocalized by
  • Responds to calls for service and handles situation discovered from a variety of sources, call or emergency lights, pager system, visual observations of residents, auditory observations,
  • Follows company policy and procedures in performing job duties.
  • Learns resident’s names and likes and dislikes in order providing a more personalized service to residents.
  • Participates in job-related education, training/practice and meetings as assigned.
  • Assists the orientation and mentoring of new staff to PCW duties, policies and
  • Performs housekeeping duties to maintain safe and clean common and residents apartment areas of the building.
  • Cleans apartments, dining rooms, and lounge and common
  • Acts independently to remove spills from residents, residents’ clothing, equipment, floors, tables, etc., as they occur.
  • May provide laundry service to residents according to resident service plans
  • Invites, encourages and reinforces residents to participate and attend lifestyle activities.
  • Reviews Activity Calendar and prepares residents for activities.
  • May lead residents groups in activities including crafts or group discussions.
  • Sets up tables, chairs, supplies and other equipment needed to present the activity or
  • Maintains records of resident’s participation in activities, and reports behavior or incidents to appropriate supervision.
  • Serves meals in a courteous manner to residents in the dining room in the
  • Serves coffee, juice, tea, milk, etc., fills pitchers of beverages for residents
  • Sets tables in the dining areas or private dining rooms according to specification established for the meal service.
  • Delivers and serves food in a manner that follows proper service techniques and in accordance with service plan.
  • Cleans dining tables, chairs, cushions, floor, etc., after use in accordance with accepted sanitary standards.
  • Clears and collects soiled dishes, glasses, serving ware, utensils, etc., and returns them to the soiled dish area of the kitchen, properly disposing of paper products, linen, food wastes, etc.
  • Keep records of meal intake, food refrigerator/freezer temperatures, attendance, guest meals, etc.
  • Helps to maintain, clean, sweep, and/or scrub the dining room, kitchen, food preparation area, dish room, sinks, floors and countertops, garbage and trash containers in a clean and sanitary condition.

Essential Knowledge and Abilities

  • Working knowledge of basic nursing care procedures used to provide physical and social care to residents.
  • Working knowledge of safe work practices and procedures, including fire safety, first aid, blood-borne pathogens, etc.
  • Working knowledge of the Bill of Resident Rights, CBRF and RCAC regulations and confidentiality requirements as required.
  • Ability to be to work on time and work productively.
  • Ability to respond appropriately to a resident’s physical and emotional needs and condition in varied settings and situations.
  • Ability to follow, read, and write, written instructions and to follow and understand oral
  • Ability to assume and carry out responsibilities within established guidelines and with limited or no supervision.
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 35 pounds and the ability to safely lift and support a resident.
  • Ability to provide appropriate and caring physical care to residents.
  • Ability to use appropriate body mechanics in performing job duties.
  • Ability to function as a member of a work team.
  • Ability to attend required in-service and staff meeting on a regular basis.

Physical Demands

  • Sit and stand up for up to three hours.
  • Walk three to four hours. Also, walk rapidly.
  • Frequent lifting up to 10 pounds.
  • Occasional lifting of 35 pounds.
  • Assist with transfer to wheelchair and pushing a wheelchair
  • Push/pull with up to fifty pounds of force
  • Occasionally bending and twisting at the waist
  • Occasionally reaching above or below shoulder heights. e.g, charts or supplies on upper shelves and lower drawers.

Working Conditions

  • Exposure to blood borne pathogens: Level 1
  • Works through the nursing service area in a climate controlled environment.
  • Subject to frequent interruptions.
  • Subject to hostile and emotionally upset residents, family members, personnel, and visitors.
  • Works beyond normal working hours and on weekends when necessary.
  • Must attend and participate in in-house education programs
  • Subject to falls, burns from equipment, odors, etc. throughout the workday.

Job Description Changes

Every effort has been made to make this job description as complete as possible. However, this job description may be changed without notice when in the best interest of Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center. When changes are necessary, a written addendum will be added to this job description.

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