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Sanford Federal, Inc. (SANFORD) headquartered in Stafford, VA., is a premier, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that provides federal professional services, primarily engaged in providing advanced information technology, cyber security, management systems support, as well as business and infrastructure management services.

We are among the most innovative, respected, and ethical providers of technology solutions to the United States government. Our mission is to provide superior-quality, innovative, information technology solutions that help federal agencies best aid, serve, and protect the American people.

Job Overview:

Sanford Federal is looking for a successful unarmed security guard, to perform various tasks at the VA Healthcare System (SVAHCS), to provide professional and courteous security guard services.


  • Maintains current certifications, registrations and licensures as required by Federal, State or local laws regarding operation of this type of service.
  • Performance in services must meet generally accepted national standards for the security industry.
  • Education/Experience:
  • High school diploma or equivalency
  • 2 years of experience demonstrating the ability to meet and deal with the general public
  • The ability to meet and deal with the general public
  • The ability to maintain poise and self-control under stress;
  • The ability to read, understand and apply printed rules, detailed orders, instruction, and training materials;
  • The ability to construct and write clear, concise, accurate and detailed reports;
  • Literate in English to the extent of reading and understanding printed regulation,
  • detailed written orders, training instruction and material.
  • The ability le to compose reports which convey complete information in a clear and concise manner.

  • Health and Physical Fitness Requirements
  • Be capable of detaining person(s) while VA or Police are notified.
  • Possess binoculars with vision correctable to 20/30 (Snellen).
  • Being capable of hearing ordinary conversation at 15ft with either ear without benefit of a hearing aid.
  • Being physically able to perform all general duties, functions, and activities
  • Being in good general health without physical defects or abnormalities, which would
  • interfere with the performance of these duties.

Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Observing all personnel entering the facility/grounds when suspected of carrying weapons, showing hostility, or being unauthorized personnel (e.g., children unaccompanied by adults, or solicitors).
  • Promoting a positive image of the SVAHCS.
  • Maintain poise and self-control under stress.
  • Asking all personnel entering SVAHCS property specific questions and screen their answers for possible further screening processes.
  • Responding accordance with the SOP, SVAHCS provided training.
  • Ensuring that the traffic pattern/flow into the checkpoint area is safe and controlled.
  • Discovering and detaining persons attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property.
  • Being able to work outside in changing climate conditions,
  • Performing other functions as necessary in the event or occurrence of civil disturbances or other criminal acts adversely affecting the security and safety of the Government.
  • Obtaining professional assistance in accordance with procedures in the SOP in the event of injury or illness to Government employees or others while in the building or on the grounds.

Why choose Sanford Federal ?

You can take pride in working for a company dedicated to serving our government by providing the best, most cost-effective solutions for the US Government. Our work helps the US Government secure our nation, support the efforts of our military and intelligence communities, and provide lifesaving medical services to our soldiers, vets, and their families.

Please submit your most up-to-date resume. Please be sure to highlight your relevant experience.

Sanford Federal, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified candidates to apply.


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