Club Operations Aide – US Department of the Navy – Great Lakes, IL

This position is located at the Epicenter, Food and Beverage Division, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department, Naval Station Great Lakes, Great Lakes, IL.

Assures that all activities are operating as scheduled and according to policies and procedures prescribed by the Club Manager or Assistant Manager. Explains and enforces Club policies, procedures and regulations; attempts to resolve problems or refers to designated authority.

Incumbents in these positions are assigned, where Military Commander required the checking/identification and stamping prior to entering during operation period, for the purpose of patron entrance and exit surveillance in addition roving the club to the checking of identification cards and assure proper stamping of patrons. He/she has the right to refuse admission to anyone already intoxicated.

Incumbents are required to refuse admittance to individuals who are not authorized mess privileges. In these situations, Club operations Aide will explain the policy regarding authorized patronage and must exercise tact and courtesy in refusing admittance. As dictated by local policy, they enforce local restrictions such as dress code, no drinks in foyer or allowing food or beverage to be brought into mess.

Incumbents may direct patrons to food and beverage service areas and furnish information regarding the location of cashier’s cage, manager’s office, advisory office and restroom facilities. Incumbents provide information regarding the location of other facilities, such as the service station, Consolidated Package Store, barber shops, dining halls, concession activities and all other MWR facilities.

Incumbents observe departing patrons to ensure that if they have over indulged, they will assist in getting the patron a ride home, call a cab or insure patron’s friends will take patron home.

Club Operations Aides shall maintain assigned entrances and/or exits in a clean and orderly manner. Must ensure the closing of the mess to include checking door locks, inspecting the premises ofr fire hazards; and turing off lights and other electrical equipment.

Incumbents may distribute flyers or handouts regarding special events or other MWR activities to incoming or outgoing patrons.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

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