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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) – Lake County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center – East Chicago, IN

Position Summary: The CNA performs various customer care activities and related nonprofessional services essential to caring for personal needs and comfort of customers. His/her function may not exceed Standards of Practice as accorded by Certification.


1. Handles and serves customers in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort, adhering to instructions issued by the nursing supervisor and or charge nurse to establish shift routines;

2. Performs duties in accordance with established methods and techniques and in conformance with recognized standards;

3. Provides maximum customer care service within limits defined by delegated tasks;

4. Assumes responsibility for varied customer care duties as assigned by charge nurse to include admitting, discharging, transferring, and caring for the customer’s personal belongings and assisting the professional nurse in performing customer treatments;

5. Bathes the customer in bed, tub or shower, combs hair, cleans and cuts fingernails and gives shampoos;

6. Makes both occupied and unoccupied beds;

7. Positions customers in correct body alignment in and out of bed and applies safety measures under the direction of the charge nurse; 8. Assists the customers in and out of bed, in walking and transports customers throughout a center via wheelchair, geri-chair, or stretcher; may accompany customers when transported outside the center for appointments;

9. Coordinates scheduling for customers requiring specialized and or rehabilitative services (O.T., P.T., S.T.) to assure that they are available for the therapist on a timely basis;

10. Verifies that all customers have wrist bands, bed, and door tags

11. Accompanies customers when transported outside the center for appointments as needed;

12. Assists the charge nurse during the admission assessment;

13. Participates in the formulation and follow through of the customer’s nursing care plan;

14. Takes and records weights, blood pressures, temperatures, pulse and respirations;

15. Gives various skin care treatment;

16. Applies simple clean dressings, slings, stockings, and support bandages, under

direction of the licensed nurse;

17. Feeds customers, assists all customers with their meals and provides in between

meal nourishment, as well as providing fresh ice and water to the customer’s


18. Completes record of customer’s oral intake and output;

19. Answers customer’s call light or bell, delivers messages, administers bedpans and urinals, cleans areas of spillage or accidents caused by the customer;

20. Performs isolation care as needed for customer’s condition;

21. Participate in the orientation of new nursing assistants;

22. Provides direct care to the more acutely ill customers on the nursing unit;

23. Reports any/all changes in customer’s condition, any family concerns and

customer’s complaints to charge nurse and/or supervisor;

24. Collects and bags soiled linen and delivers to dirty linen area; if assigned, washes and dries items in domestic washer/drier;

25. Obtains clean linens and supplies from supply area as directed, cleans utility

rooms, kitchen areas and all other nursing areas, as assigned;

26. Cleans and sterilizes customer equipment;

27. Receives and escorts visitors, collects, charts, records and reports;

28. Transfers customer’s belongings and equipment as directed, and assists with postmortem care;

29. Puts Customer Service First: Ensures that customers and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individuals’ needs and rights;

30. Assists with treatments and vitals, as necessary;

31. Performs other duties as requested

Specific Educationa
l Vocational Requirements:

1. A minimum of a high school education or high school equivalency diploma is preferred for this position,

2. It is mandatory that the candidate is able to read, write, and understand the English language.

3. In addition, a Certified Nurse Aide is required to attend a minimum of 12 hours continuing education programs provided by the center in order to maintain certification.

4. Finally, a certified nurse aide must have successfully completed a state approved certified nursing assistant program.

Job Skills:

1. Must be in good physical and mental health.

2. Must have knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in administering

simple treatments and providing related bedside customer care services.

3. Must pay attention to safety hazards to customers and self.

4. Must be familiar with location of various departments and regulations of the center.

5. Must understand standard techniques used in providing personal services for customers and in caring for equipment and supplies.

6. Must have a good understand of basic medical asepsis, sterile techniques and universal precautions to avoid infection of customers and self contamination of equipment and supplies.

. May be required to work rotating shifts and to work in different units as customers needs require; specific scheduling will be under the direction of the nursing supervisor.

8. Must posses the ability to positively interact with personnel, customers, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public.

9. Must provide annual verification of a negative TB skin test.

Performs Related Duties:

1. The Certified Nurse Aide interacts with customers, families, visitors, center and Care Center Facility subsidiary personnel.

2. He/She carries out other tasks as requested in situations where hands-on

intervention/participation may be required.

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