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Patient Liaison – Genesis PrimeCare – Texarkana, AR

Job Summary

Patient Liaisons are tasked with providing information and support to the clinic patients, as well as their relatives and caregivers. These liaisons must be friendly and have interpersonal skills while also remaining communicative at all times, as they are expected to provide information in ways that are easily understood and processed by non-medical professionals.

Patient Liaisons also work with others in their position to navigate organizational barriers and overcome problems as they arise. Strong communication skills are important in this position, as is a solid understanding of the medical field in which they work, and they should have strong mental fortitude in preparation for dealing with life-changing illnesses and clients’ grief.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Patient Liaison performs the following duties as assigned.

  • Serve as intermediary between health care organization and patients, and patients’ relatives in resolving patient care problems.
  • Escorting the patient through our system from waiting room to exam room.
  • Staying in constant communication by updating the patient on length of time before provider arrives for exam.
  • Issuing snacks and drinks to waiting patients
  • Assisting with lengthy paperwork given to each patient.
  • Convey questions, complaints, problems, and concerns of patients to proper personnel.
  • Resolve patients’ complaints and grievances during their visit.
  • Obtaining patient satisfaction survey cards.
  • Greets patients and visitors upon arrival ensures patient follows screening process.
  • Demonstrates strong initiative to get daily work finished and processed.
  • Communicates effectively with patients, physicians, providers and others.
  • Demonstrates accurate judgment.
  • Notify supervisor of any problems, in a timely manner and works to resolve said issues

Fulfills administrative duties.

  • Assists in maintaining an efficient, safe, secure, orderly, and aseptic environment of care for all patients and employees.
  • Is familiar with and abides by OSHA Standards, Hazardous Materials, Universal Precautions, use of personal protective equipment, Evacuation, Fire, Disaster, and Safety Plans.
  • If bilingual, translates in Spanish between non-Spanish speaking staff and Spanish speaking patients as requested.

Performs all other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Knowledge of protocols in general and an ability to quickly gain specific knowledge of the Clinic’s current operational protocols
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and appropriate abbreviations
  • Ability to read and comprehend short correspondence, and memos
  • Ability to document, with clarity, all information relevant to a patient’s needs
  • Ability to effectively present information in small group situations to patients, Clinic staff, and the general public.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with community agency personnel to coordinate services for patients
  • Ability to use office equipment including but not limited to computers, fax machines, telephones and copiers
  • Ability to prioritize and allocate resources


  • Spanish speaking and writing skills

Credentials and Experience


  • One (1) year of practice experience in a clinic office setting.

High School diploma or GED required

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