Client Services Representative Position Offered

A Client Services Representative is responsible, but is not limited to the following duties:

A client services specialist provides customer service and laboratory-related communication regarding specimen submission and reporting of results to external and internal healthcare providers.

Essential duties and responsibilities.
1. Communicates patient results clearly, accurately and effectively to laboratory clients.
a. Phone calls are answered in a timely manner.
b. Patient identifiers are obtained prior to release of laboratory results, in accordance with departmental policy.
c. Results are communicated accurately.
d. Excellent customer service skills are consistently demonstrated.
e. Information regarding critical laboratory results is communicated in accordance to departmental policy to outpatient/outreach areas and documented appropriately.
2. Serves as a resource to clients regarding test requirements, specimen submission and other laboratory policies and procedures.
a. Receives, processes, verify and accession specimens.
b. Providers need to be contacted in a timely manner to obtain required requisition or specimen information that has not been provided.
c. Providers need to be informed in a timely manner when laboratory testing cannot be performed.
d. Testing requests are cancelled when appropriate and in accordance with departmental policy.
e. Information related to problems and their resolution is consistently documented.
f. Requests for add-on testing are completed in a timely manner.
3. Serves as a dispatch service for lab couriers.
a. Calls for specimen pickup and distribution of lab supplies are communicated to the appropriate courier in an accurate and timely manner.
b. Problems encountered with courier services and client services are reported to the appropriate supervisor in a timely manner and documented in accordance with department policy.
c. Clients are notified in a timely manner when changes in business hours are anticipated (ex. inclement weather), and alternative pick-up schedules are arranged.

4. Communicates appropriately using good interpersonal skills.
a. Positive, professional demeanor is projected through verbal and non-verbal communications.
b. Information for patients and staff is delivered in a manner that is supportive, timely and understandable.
c. Interpersonal conflicts are resolved using appropriate methods and organizational resources.
d. Diverse perspectives are acknowledged; language and behaviors are modeled that build inclusiveness in the work environment.
e. Ideas and suggestions are clearly communicated.
f. Clarification of communication is requested when appropriate.
5. Serves, manages and supports internal and external customers.
6. Participates as a team member and is accountable for own work responsibilities. Time off is scheduled to avoid disrupting workflow.

Position Requirements.
HS Diploma or above, minimum of 1 to 2 yrs of Customer Service Experience. Typing proficient, needs to have good communication skills, auditory and visual skills; ability to write legibly; ability to lift/push/pull < 20lbs. May be exposed blood/body fluids and infectious disease. Should be able to multitask and work under pressure.

This is for a part-time afternoon/evening position. Possible transition to full-time.

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