Adult Forensic Inpatient Psychiatry Locums Job | Acute Psychiatric Program Hospital | California

Adult Forensic Inpatient Psychiatry Locums Job | Acute Psychiatric Program Hospital | California

*218-bed licensed Acute Psychiatric Program inpatient hospital and a licensed 114-bed Intermediate Treatment Program
*Provide quality mental health evaluation and treatment to patients/inmates who are referred from prisons throughout the State of California. 
*Need is for 40 hours per week, 4 tens only. 
*Hours: 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.
*On-call duty only during shift.  No after hours call. 
*Acute inpatient experience is required. 
*Must be well versed in psychopharmacology and Axis 2 disorders. 
*Average daily caseload for the Doctor is 15 patients for Acute and 35 for Intermediate, but may vary. 
*On the acute units the average patient load is 15 assigned patients (although there are some units where it is 16 or 17; on one unit there are actually 20). 
*On the intermediate units the average patient load is 32-25 patients, depending on the unit. 
*In most cases the Psychiatrist does not see every patient every day. 
*The general expectation is that patients will be seen twice a week on the acute units and once a week on intermediate.   
*There are so many variations to each unit and Psychiatrists float to other units periodically, that it is hard to give a very strict guideline on the number of patients seen in a 10 hour day. 
*On a slow day it might be as low as 3 to 5 patients, and on a busy day it can be 15 patients or sometimes more. 
*There is a great team of Psychiatrists and they help each other out on those busy days, so it is not usually too overwhelming. 
*Average 1 new admission and 1 discharge per week. 
*Average length of stay is 60 to 75 days. 
*Patients generally have multiple diagnoses, including some medical problems. 
*You will be the primary Doctor for both psychiatric and medical problems; however, there are 3 Nurse Practitioners, an Internist and a Neurologist available for help with the medical problems. 
*Physicals for H&Ps for new admissions are done primarily by Nurse Practitioners. 
*Credentialing takes approximately 2-4 weeks. 
*Client prefers six month minimum assignments. 
*Must be comfortable with computers, because of the electronic medical record system. 

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