Medical Assistant (Waltham, MA)

Medical Assistant
Job Details:
Under general supervision, this position is responsible for continuous, efficient and smooth patient flow in the clinic setting. Responds to hourly variations in patient volume, and clinician and room availability to continually maximize efficient use of space and resources. Identifies and provides necessary clinical preparation according to protocols, patient interactions, and review of patient chart. Responds quickly to requests for assistance during and after patient exam from physicians. Ensures urgent care patients are triaged in a timely manner by notifying physician upon their arrival.


Assists in Direct Patient Care

Triages patient, escorts patient to exam room and prepares patient for provider visit. This may include pediatric, adult, geriatric patients. Checks to ensure patient comfort and privacy, s them to the waiting time, need to wear gown etc.
Prepares exam room for each patient, maintaining standard of the practice for stocking and cleanliness.
Controls and monitors patient flow to maximize efficient use of providers and exam rooms. Responds to variations in patient volume, provider ability, and resources (e.g. early arrivals, no shows, providers who are absent, etc.) by making continual adjustments in room utilization and assignment.
Performs vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, height and weight); records vital signs in to patient’s electronic medical record.
Assists care providers with physical exams and procedures. May assist with patients who need personal observations.
Assists patients in meeting their personal hygiene needs and in other ways as needed.
Sets up and assists with procedures as requested by nursing/medical staff.
Must be familiar with procedures in ensuring patient and personal safety.
Provides safe, comfortable, clean environment for patients and families. Uses proper techniques and procedures for hazardous waste disposal, universal precautions and for body mechanics.
Prepares medical record for patient visit, checking for accuracy and completion of demographic information. Ensures all test results are available for review and completes a review of the preventive guideline template. This may require interviewing the patient to obtain data.
Prepares laboratory and radiology requisitions. Arranges for diagnostic testing, surgery and in-patient admissions.
During the visit. Gives instructions on specimen collection to patients. Where appropriate, and as governed by clinic protocols, performs collection of specimens and/or ensures the necessary supplies and equipment are ready for the provider to use during the visit. Takes and records all vital signs, records chief complaint, and assesses need for referrals and prescription renewals.

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