Caregiver Needed in South San Jose (san jose south)

We need female caregiver to care for a 64 year old female in the South San Jose area. The client is my sister and she has lived alone, in an electric wheelchair for more than 40 years

The job opening is for a part-time caregiver. Hours are flexible but approximately 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday.
We use multi-care givers for multiple shifts to cover for 8 am – 7pm, 7 days a week, Monday – Sunday. Since the days and hours and days of care are still being setup we are flexible with the scheduling so please let me know your preferred hours and days to work.

The caregivers will share the following duties:

* Assist with planning and preparing some meals, followed by clean up
* Assist with bathing and dressing, if needed
* Assist with mobilization with her electric wheelchair
* Provide skin stimulation and help with range of motion exercise
* Accompany her to doctor and dentist on public transportation
* Assist with transfer from wheelchair to bed or bath
* Made bed and changed linen as needed
* Light housekeeping, vacuuming and dusting, if needed
* Engaged in activities such as shopping trip (walking with my sister in her electric wheelchair to local stores)
* Provided companionship

Applicants should be currently registered with the Santa Clara County IHSS employment. (i.e. 18 year-65 years old, documented worker, and no criminal record) The IHSS hourly pay can include with possible benefits from Santa Clara County. Please check the Santa Clara County website for full information. Their website is If you are not currently register with the IHSS please you may still apply but will need to become registered. If you have the background needed for this position please text or email your info or resume to me for review so that we can schedule an interview.

Please note: my sister has two medium-sized dogs and a small bird so the caregivers must enjoy animals.

If you are interested please email or text your background and the days/hours you are available and I will give you a call. My name Dorinda and my phone # is 916 838-4252.

Thank you for reading our post!

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below