Paraeducator – Non-Mainstream Special Education – ILC – SUPPORT – Bethel School District – Spanaway, WA

days per year.

Hire date is based on school board approval. The date your hire will go before the school board depends on multiple factors and can change without notice. Please contact HR with any questions.

This is a 1:1 Support paraeducator position. A change in assignment and/or location may occur based on student specific needs and variances in school enrollment. Person hired for this position must complete the Washington State Core Competencies 1-14. 1-6 must be completed within the first 6 months of hire; 7-14 must be completed within the first year of hire. Person hired for this position must also complete Right Response training within 3-5 months of hire and renew certification annual prior to expiration.

Must be Highly Qualified. This means a paraprofessional in the State of Washington is required to have:

A secondary school (high school) diploma or its recognized equivalent (GED) and meet ONE of the following options:

a. Two years of college with 72-quarter credits or 48 semester credits of 100 level classes or above.
b. Associates Degree (or higher)
c. ETS ParaPro Assessment with a score of 461, or higher

Passage of pre-employement physical is required for this position. (District asumes the cost)

This position’s responsibilities are to assist certificated staff with instructional and non-instructional activities for non-mainstreamed special education students, generally in a self-contained classroom, and including instructing students individually or in small groups, assisting students with basic life skills, and supervising student behavior activities.

Depending upon individual assignment, the Paraeducator – Non-Mainstream Special Education may perform all or a combination of several of the following duties:

1. Instructs moderately to severely handicapped students individually or in small groups in a variety of learning activities to promote student understanding of materials presented. Provides encouragement, reinforcement and achievement of educational objectives and goals defined by certificated staff. Assists in the administration of objective tests or other measurements.

2. Communicates with certificated staff concerning individual student progress; adjusts methods to meet the needs of a wide variety of students; consults with certificated staff concerning remediation or enrichment activities.

3. Assists certificated staff in maintaining records, logs, charts, assignments and other records for assessment of student progress.

4. Attends to student physical and safety needs; monitors students for medical risks such as seizures and behaviors that may result in harm to themselves or others. Corrects behaviors and maintains discipline according to established policies and procedures.

5. Assists students with toileting, which may include catheterization and diapering; attends to the personal hygiene needs of students. Assists students in washing hands and face, brushing teeth and hair, and taking showers.

6. Assists students with interpersonal and personal skills mastery; helps feed students and teaches social aspects of eating with others.

7. Assists students with basic living skills and pre-vocational activities. Works with students to develop communication skills; facilitates integration of students with age-group peers to the extent possible.

8. Establishes and maintains effective communication with students, staff and parents for student progress and safety, and community relations.

9. Provides physical assistance to students, such as lifting or positioning. Uses adaptive equipment to communicate with students; follows and documents procedures established by physical therapist.

10. Monitors need for first aid for students and refers for treatment as appropriate.

11. Maintains cleanliness and hygiene of classroom, implements and equipment. Washes dishes; cleans and disinfects tables and counters; washes and dries clothes, towels, washcloths and bibs.


12. Alerts qualified district staff to student problems.

13. Locates, prepares and/or modifies materials for student use, enrichment activities and special projects under the direction of certificated staff.

14. Prepares, duplicates, collates and distributes materials; operates a variety of office equipment.

15. Maintains physical appearance of classroom and other assigned areas; maintains, assembles and stores therapeutic and other equipment as assigned; maintains supplies as assigned.

16. May serve on various district committees and/or departmental work teams. Models appropriate and cooperative behavior, including protecting confidential information, consistent with district ethical guidelines.

17. Performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position.

Reports to the school principal or assigned administrator; receives guidance from certificated staff.

May experience frequent interruptions; required to deal with a wide range of student behaviors and academic abilities; required to deal with a wide range of physical or emotional disabilities; may occasionally deal with distraught or difficult students.

Potentially exposed to ordinary infectious diseases carried by students; exposed to student noise levels; required to lift and position students and their special equipment such as wheelchairs; required to work in non-routine positions for extended periods; may be required to attend to students’ personal hygiene; may be exposed to biting behavior; may need to take precautions to avoid exposure to student bodily fluids; playground supervision requires working outdoors in inclement weather. Passage of pre-employment physical/testing will be required of this position (the district will assume the cost.)


Education and Experience
Education, training, skills, and experience necessary to carry out the assignment, with experience working with school age children and special needs students preferred. Completion of Washington State Special Education core competencies for paraeducators 1-6 within first six months of hire and completion of 7-14 within the first year of hire.

Allowable Substitutions
Not applicable.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrated skill in reading, writing and communicating. Knowledge of basic subject areas, such as reading and math. Ability to deal with students in a warm and confident manner. Ability to remain flexible in changes in assignments. Ability to organize activities. Ability to follow and give instructions. Ability to be fair and consistent when working with students. Ability to learn and implement effective behavior management techniques. Ability to learn and implement effective instructional techniques. Knowledge of a variety of behavior and learning disorders. Knowledge of student safety rules and procedures. Ability to learn the use of computers and various software packages for student instruction and record keeping. Ability to learn the operation of general office machines. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students and staff. Ability to diffuse situations and resolve conflicts. Requires some confidentiality. Willing to be trained in a variety of medical procedures if necessary, such as, administration of medication, tube feeding, etc.

Licenses/Special Requirements
Requires fingerprinting and background check to determine that there have been no convictions involving physical molestation, abuse, injury or neglect of a minor. Must complete training in and adhere to district infection control plan. May be required to obtain first aid and CPR certification. Hepatitis-B immunization is offered. Passage of a pre-placement physical and testing is required of this position (the district will assume the cost). Must complete Right Response Training and receive qualifications within the first 3-5 months of hire date and renew annually prior to expiration.

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