SURGICAL TECH I INTERNAL – CAMC Health System – Hurricane, WV

Specialized Knowledge, Experience and Skills
(Education, Experience and Skills required to fully perform the requirements of the position)

Degree / Education

  • High School Diploma/GED

  • Certificate SURGTECH

Level of Experience


  • All licensure must be current/valid and from the state of West Virginia.

  • Basic Life Support – Must be certified within 30 days of hire.

  • Must Meet Ladder Criteria I

Typing/Word Processing skills required for this position

Computer Skills required for this position

Other Required Areas of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Acceptable SUBSTITUTIONS (if any)

AST Training Program may substitute for Armed Forces/Military Certification (with documentation).

Patient Group Knowledge (Only applies to positions with direct patient contact)

The employee must possess/obtain (by the end of the orientation period) and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide developmentally appropriate assessment, treatment or care as defined by the department’s identified patient ages. Specifically the employee must be able to demonstrate competency in: 1) ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of patient needs; 2) knowledge of growth and development; and 3) understanding of the range of treatment needed by the patients.

  • Child

  • Adolescents

  • Adults

  • Geriatrics

Assigns work to or supervises others

Competency Statement

Must demonstrate competency through an initial orientation and ongoing competency validation to independently perform tasks and additional duties as specified in the job description and the unit/department specific competency checklist.

Minimum Requirement Comments

As of 09/24/2006, all new hires for this position must have completed an AST program or have Armed Forces/Military certificate (with documentation).

To Apply to this Job, Please go to the website address given in the source.