Client Registration Coordinator – DTX/STR – Deer Park, TX (Deer Park, TX)


The Client Registration Coordinator is responsible for coordinating daily operations during the client intake process, and ensuring that the client intake process is executed efficiently and effectively. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring timely, accurate documentation and compliance with Foundation policies governing the client intake and onboarding processes, and financial processes. Manages all required communication, documentation and reporting related to census management within the facility, delivers daily outcome reports, and drives collaboration with corporate departments such as access center and insurance, and utilization review.

1. Serve as the initial and primary point of contact for clients prior to and upon arrival for intake appointments.

2. Perform reminder calls to clients prior to schedule intake date, to confirm client’s anticipated arrival and identify any barriers to conversion. Re-schedule intake appointments upon request with approval.
3. Greet all visitors and professionally represent the organization through written correspondence, telephone and personal contact.

4. Provide personalized support and concierge level service for clients during their journey to recovery.

5. Review client financial responsibility and facilitate conversations related to pay source and funding. Provide financial counseling for clients while exploring funding options to support care.

6. Manage client portal accounts within the electronic health record including reminders, messages, appointment requests and documents.

7. Complete daily, weekly and monthly reporting client conversion rates, and outcomes for any client not accepted for admission to the program, and intakes that are not completed. Report daily facility status update, including census information, number of admissions, discharges, and total number of active clients in the facility, and require documentation due dates. Generate statistical reports from databases when necessary for facility management and corporate office.

8. Develop, collaborate and maintain excellent communication with referral sources, including all legal and criminal justice systems, outreach managers/business development managers and community partners in conjunction with the access center. Review and assist with the wait list managed by Access Center as needed. Communicate client priority population status aligned with Cenikor policy and procedure

9. Assess client access barriers, and consult with the Corporate office, Facility Director, and Access Center to reduce impediments to treatment.

10. Work closely with the Clinical Team, Utilization Review, and Facility Director to ensure accurate and timely communication of client information required to facilitate successful authorization during the utilization review process.

11. Provide effective communication to client/family, team members and other health care staff regarding benefits, appointment scheduling, client responsibility via email, client portal or other means; provide proper forms for financial responsibility, self-pay clients, payment arrangements and/ or payments due at intake.

12. Coordinate scheduled intakes with scheduled discharges to drive maximum use of program or bed capacity. Collaborate with access center team to ensure adequate calendar availability to permit access to all persons interested in admission to Cenikor. Coordinate intake appointments or other calendar appointments for the Counselors/Clinical Manager/Nurse Manager with Access Center.

13. Ensure clients initiating communication are contacted within the set required timeframe and intakes are completed as appropriate.

14. Manage intake and registration process, ensuring appropriate screening and interviewing, accurate completion of all registration documentation with clients as necessary for admission to the program. Review client portal documentation and consents prior to client arrival for availability.

15. Review and/or complete all consents with clients. Update client pending status in Welligent to reflect active, and complete enrollment in CMBHS, if applicable.
16. Assign client a bed, and escort client to assigned room location.

17. Coordinate facility tour and introductions with Behavioral Health Technicians. Ensure a review of safety protocols, and fire exit locations is completed with the client during the tour.

18. Develop and maintain processes with insurance department to maximize revenue, including initiating contact with insurance billing department to coordinate collection of client responsibility.

19. Maintain patient records by obtaining, recording, and updating personal and financial information in Welligent as well as CMBHS, if applicable, for monthly reporting and appropriate billing and authorization purposes.

20. Responsible for understanding 3rd party payor process related to verification, authorization and reauthorization as well as client responsibility and collections. Work with insurance and billing department to actively manage 3rd party payor clients to ensure quality client care and fiscal responsibility, as appropriate.

21. Uphold the core principles of Cenikor’s culture and create a positive working environment for all team members.

22. Maintain compliance with federal and state regulatory standards as well as Cenikor policies and procedures. Participate in QA process, ensuring all standards are met. Assist with implementation and ensure on-going compliance to CARF standards.

23. Maintain strict confidentiality on all client and Foundation matters and refer questionable issues to Facility Director and/or Director of Insurance and Payor Relations.

24. Coordinate with cleaning staff and behavioral health technicians to manage lobby cleanliness and standards to ensure professional presentation for clients at all times.

25. Perform additional duties as assigned and consistent with exempt functions as defined in this job description.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
Possesses good time management skills needed to meet aggressive deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks.
Knowledgeable of insurance, Medicaid and state funding intake and admissions criteria and timelines.
Experienced and capable in communicating client needs and identifying appropriate resources for client development.
Presents a positive, customer service oriented, and professional image.
Possesses good oral and written communication and public speaking skills.
Experienced in working with diverse population.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office software required, including MS Outlook calendar.
Good ethical and business standards.
Ability to lead by established goals and objectives.
Ability to consistently uphold the Core Principles of Cenikor’s Culture:
Demonstrate mission of service to our clients
Positive, respectful communication with both staff and clients
Demonstrate self-motivation and perseverance to achieve goals
Role model appropriate, professional behaviors including appropriate client boundaries
Work effectively as part of a team, helping to set up others for success

Associate degree required
Bachelor degree preferred

Previous experience in patient registration or financial services role preferred
Knowledge of criminal justice system helpful


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