Healthcare Staffing Recruiter

Job Description of Healthcare Recruiter :

  • Recruiter will conduct phone calls/day and emails to prospective candidates.
  • Recruiter will build rapport and relationships with their RN and Allied Professional candidates.
  • Be considered a job advisor, career counselor, travel guide and much more as the RN or Allied Professional goes on assignments throughout the country.
  • Recruiter will be handling contract and direct hire placement of Nurses and Allied Health both locally and nationally.
  • Exhibit high level of professionalism, persistence and positive nature.


Qualifications of Healthcare Recruiter :

  • 1+ Years of Per Deim,Travel RN or Travel Allied Health Professional experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree strongly preferred
  • Able to work well autonomously, exhibit self-discipline and
  • Positive, professional and commission-driven
  • Preferred experience with API/TSS/RSS applicant tracking software
  • Preferred experience with vendor management systems,
  • Screening and Recruiting Potential Candidates for Hire
  • Proactively Calling Prospective Candidates by Use of Sourcing
  • Providing In Person Interviews and Collecting Candidate Documents
  • Managing Candidate Recruitment in Coordination with Client Needs
  • Proactively Executing all Aspects of Candidate Recruitment, Sourcing/Scheduling, Client needs and Department Goals
  • Meeting and Exceeding Weekly Interviewing and Screening Expectations


Ideal Candidates will be expected to:

  • Manage Candidate Recruitment and Extension Contracts
  • Collect and Verify Candidate Credentials for Onboarding
  • Develop and Grow Candidate Relationships
  • Attain Set Goals through Recruitment a
  • Develop Candidate Report and Communication
  • Update Candidate Information through Company Software

Maintain a Strong Track Record in Candidate Recruitment

To Apply to this Job, Please go to the website address given in the source.