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Currently seeking Occupational Therapist (OT) to support the Red Rock Day School. The licensed OT will provide occupational therapy 2 times (or more if needed per caseload) a week for 4 hours a day for 36 weeks throughout the school year. OT duties as follows:

1. Review student’s medical records, physician referral, child study team referral, SAT referral, other service providers, general education teacher, parent request and/or school psychologist evaluation recommendation for further testing;

2. Perform evaluation/screening procedures to establish performance guidelines;

3. Provide a hardcopy of and upload in NASIS a signed formal written comprehensive test results of student assessment, and provide hardcopy to case manager a week prior to student IEP Meeting. Place all testing material in the student file at the school, and sign the “access of record” form in the student folder with your name, the reason for file review, and date.

4. Plan, prepare, establish, and evaluate appropriate written Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives, make an entry on the PLAAFP portion of the IEP seven days prior to the scheduled meeting;

5. Attend and participant in student’s scheduled IEP meeting and make placement, ESY Placement, service time (pull out or inclusion), accommodations and/or modifications, and Assistive Technology recommendations;

6. Administer service time according to IEP and implement physical therapy/occupational therapy program;

7. Progress Monitor: Re-assess and revise program, as necessary, as status of student changes;

8. Instruct and teach students, families, support staff and teachers as indicated on IEP;

9. Make referrals to other health professionals and integrate physical/occupational therapy program with other aspects of health care;

10. Confer with physician and other health practitioners to obtain information and make recommendations and revisions in treatment program;

11. Supervise and train support staff, education technicians and/or certified teachers in occupational/physical therapy assistance to be carried out when the occupational/physical therapist is not at the school;

12. Provide OT in-service training for students, teachers and parents

13. Provide weekly on site OT services during the school year calendar and during Extended School Year generally in the summer months; as warranted by student needs and IEP;

14. Work collaboratively with the school’s Exceptional Student Services Department to ensure Progress Reports are prepared for parents and uploaded in NASIS on a quarterly basis.

15. Work collaboratively with the school’s Exceptional Student Services Department to ensure Service Logs are aligned to the student’s IEP goals, include related activities and are uploaded into NASIS each semester.

16. Participate in Child Find activities (generally scheduled twice a year).

Please provide compensation requirement for providing OT in-person services for 4.25 student contact hours and 4 hours of reports/filing/support to SPED Department per week for 36 school weeks and 3 ESY weeks for Red Rock Day School and licenses/certifications with resume. Also provide any additional pricing for student evaluations/reporting/screening.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $75.00 – $100.00 per hour


  • Monday to Friday

Work Location: One location

Source: Indeed.com

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