REGISTERED NURSE – RN – WOUND/OSTOMY CARE – St. Luke’s Hospital – Chesterfield, MO


As a Ostomy/Wound Specialist, she/he will apply in-depth knowledge of nursing to deliver the

principles of self-management to individuals with ostomy and wounds. As a consultant, Ostomy/Wound Specialist will maintain a level of clinical and theoretical expertise in order to serve as a resource to colleagues, allied personnel, physicians and consumers of health care within the hospital or community. As a Registered Professional Nurse, she/he is responsible for practicing in accordance with established Standards of Nursing Practice. She/he performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission and values.

Prinicple Accountabilities: % of Time Spent

1. Implements activities necessary to develop or reinforce the knowledge/skills of nursing/medical staff. 25%

A. conducts staff inservices on new ostomy/wound protocols, equipment and management procedures, answering questions as well as conducting formal teaching programs.

B. supervises and trains staff in working with patients with ostomy and specific wound and skin care needs in accordance with protocols.

C. coordinates bimonthly educational meetings for the Wound Resource nurse/division representatives.

D. assists in keeping physicians updated on ostomy and skin care management concepts through memos and distribution of literature upon request; assists nursing staff in identifying individual patient learning needs, developing teaching plans and securing appropriate teaching materials.

2. Demonstrates a sound knowledge base in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating patient needs. 50%

A. when indicated, this includes cultural and religious practices, emotional barriers, desire and motivation to learn, physical and/or cognitive limitations and language barriers.

B. works with Physicians, the Clinical Dietitian, Social Service and Home Care Coordinator to develop, evaluate and integrate appropriate patient education with discharge planning process decreasing length of stay in the hospital and promoting follow-up in the immediate discharge period.

C. responds appropriately to phone calls from patients/family members regarding ostomy/wound problems referring call to physician when necessary.

3. Assists in developing/promoting hospital-wide cooperation and support for ostomy/wound educational activities by involving and consulting with hospital staff in problem solving and crisis

intervention. 5%

A. performs stoma site markings per physician request.

B. communicates with other disciplines/departments to develop/facilitate interdisciplinary planning/implementation teams.

C. works with Marketing Department, Education Department and other hospital departments to develop commitment and support for the health education programs within the hospital and community.

D. serves on various committees.

4. Assesses local and national trends in patient/family education to promote effectiveness of hospital program. 5 %

A. maintains liaison with ostomy/skin care product companies.

B. represents and communicates hospital policies on health education at community, state and national level.

5. In collaboration with the Head Nurse/AHN, plans ways to identify and solve problems for patients with ostomies, skin care needs and/or draining wounds/fistulas. 5%

6. Performs other work duties as assigned. 5%

Total 100%


BSN required.

Wound Care Certification preferred.

License – Certification – Registration (Text Only): Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the state of Missouri Required. Experience:

A minimum of three to four years of recent nursing experience.

Familiar with hospital organization, policies, functions and interdepartmental relationships.

Communication skills are necessary to present information and ideas essential to ostomy/wound care duties and to understand general nursing theory and practice.

Writing skills are necessary to prepare and review teaching sheets, professional presentations, standards, protocols and procedures.

Ability to plan, organize, lead and direct activities on a hospital-wide basis.

Current certification in a Basic Life Support required or course will need to be completed during orientation classes, prior to working on the nursing divisions.

Reporting Relationships (Text Only): Takes direction from: Nurse Manager 7th Floor Provides direction to: RN, LPN, PCT, PCA, Secretary Supervised by: Nurse Manager 7th floor Working Conditions:

Employee is required to sit continuously and walk occasionally. Employee must lift/carry a light (1-20 lbs.) and medium (21-50 lbs.) load occasionally. Employee is occasionally required to bend, squat, crawl, and kneel. Employee is occasionally required to reach forward and overhead. For repetitive action, employee is required to perform simple grasping and pushing/pulling. Employee is occasionally exposed to electrical hazards and CRT terminal work. Verbal and cognitive, as well as motor coordination and manual dexterity are required. Speech, hearing and near-visual acuity are required. Employee is occasionally exposed to blood borne pathogens.

(Occasionally: 1-33%, Frequently: 34-66%, Continuously: 67-100%)

The most significant of duties are included but this does not exclude occasional work assignments not mentioned or developmental duties.



Faithful to our Episcopal-Presbyterian heritage and its ministry of healing, St. Luke’s is dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve.

Using talents and resources responsibly, we provide high quality, safe care with compassion, professional excellence and respect for each other and those we serve.


As an independent healthcare network, we create healthy communities in the region through our commitment to high quality, safe and personalized services.

Core Values

Human Dignity

We accept and treat all persons as being created in the image of God.


We respond with caring to the needs of others as if they were members of our family.


We honor each person’s rights and responsibilities in light of the common good.


We set and strive to attain high standards of performance and continuous improvement.


We use our talents and resources wisely, with honesty and integrity.

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