Clinical Educator Medical/Surgical Units (RN) – Medstar Georgetown University Hospital – Washington, DC

Serves as a positive role model/mentor /leader for nursing staff at all times. Facilitates the development of staff for both the preceptor and mentor role.

Assesses learning needs of the nursing staff on the assigned unit/s at least once per year.

Plans, develops, implements and evaluates unit-based orientation and other educational programs, including specialty fellowship programs, using adult learning principles and strategies, to meet the learning needs of the nursing staff to ensure competency and to advance the skills and knowledge of the nursing staff.

Collaborates with other clinical nurse educators to increase efficiency and reduce duplication of resources for educational programs and purposes.

Actively participates in Performance Improvement and Quality activities, projects, and nursing research studies via committees, councils, task forces and conferences.

Facilitates and promotes integration of evidence-based practice, research, and tenants of Magnet.

Develops, implements and evaluates policies, procedures, professional nursing practice, standards and patient standards of care for continuous improvement.

Advances, supports and facilitates certification of staff nurses on units.

Provides education consultation for staff, nursing students, nursing managers, and others within the multi-disciplinary team using principles of adult learning.

Participates in Councils, Committees, Task Forces and Work Groups at the unit, department, hospital and corporate level. Provides leadership mentoring when appropriate.

Collaborates with Georgetown University and other schools of nursing to clarify clinical objectives and promote appropriate undergraduate and graduate learning experiences.

Promotes MGUH and own advanced nursing practice by membership in professional organizations, providing poster and podium presentations at conferences, and active participation in other professional/educational opportunities.

Performs other duties and responsibilities that are appropriate to the position and area. The above responsibilities are a general description of the level and nature of the work assigned to this classification and is not to be considered as all inclusive.

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