Unit Coordinator (D/E e/o weekend) Surgical_Neuroscience ICU – Boston-MA – Crescentia – Boston, MA

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Position: Unit Coordinator
Department: SICU
Schedule: 32 Hours, Day/Evening/Every other weekend


Responsible for the overall clerical functions of the nursing station/front desk. Working collaboratively with the clinical team, the Unit Coordinator participates in the delivery of patient care by providing a variety of clerical, customer relations, and support services to patients, their families/visitors, and healthcare team members.

Care of the Patient and Family/Visitors:

  • Performs a variety of direct service activities to ensure that patients and their families/visitors receive timely information and appropriate responses to their needs.
  • Greets and directs patients, families, visitors, and staff in a friendly courteous positive customer service manner.
  • Identifies self.
  • Provides informative, non-clinical information when requested by patients, families, staff, or visitors.
  • Interacts in a courteous professional manner.
  • Coordinates activities of front desk/office support services.
  • Performs clerical duties for the department.
  • Answers/responds to telephone calls and inquiries promptly.
  • Handles inquiries; refers calls/inquires to appropriate personnel promptly.
  • Checks and replies to BMC e-mail frequently during shift.
  • Checks voice messages and follow up on messages during the shift.
  • For Respiratory Therapy Dept, this also includes; Logs in to the pulmonary function test (PFT) extension at the start of each shift, following breaks and lunch.
  • Logs off the PFT extension at the start of breaks, lunch, and the end of the shift.
  • Uses manual/computer programs/terminal for access & data entry of patient information, verifies and updates as necessary, prints reports, faxes as needed, orders items as needed, schedules appointments, verify information, etc.
  • Answers patient call lights promptly and immediately, if possible.
  • Response to patient requests within the scope of his/her role seeks assistance from the clinical team as appropriate.
  • Follows up on-call light requests to ensure nursing staff has responded.
  • Maintains communication data, i.e. computer, charge/whiteboards, daily communication sheets, assignment sheets, updates room name tags, pre-caution labels i.e. Participates in orienting patients to their room, calling light, telephones, and the unit by distributing welcome letters and informational packets.
  • Initiates daily RN phone assignment, logs RN daily phone numbers, and demonstrates appropriate procedures to triage calls through the patient call system.
  • Secures patients’ personal property and belongings according to hospital procedures, e.g., labeling patient belongings, sending valuables to the safe, etc.
  • Ensures a patient belongings list for every patient.
  • Upon discharge copies belongings list and files in binder/other designated location.
  • Monitors healthcare computer software systems (i.e., SCM, SDK, GE, etc) and Bed Board for new discharge orders, prints discharge summaries, places discharge summaries in a chart, makes clinic appointments for the patient before discharge, documents as required.
  • Handles and distributes mail, flowers, gifts, etc.
  • Facilitates patient/family/visitor access to available hospital services such as the cafeteria, chapel, gift shop, parking, cashier, etc.
  • Identifies emergencies and initiates appropriate response actions within the scope of his/her role. Is familiar with area disaster plans and units.
  • Coordinates and makes appointments for transportation for patients and related materials, e.g., VA, chair car, patient transport, medical records, specimens, blood products, requisitions, etc., promptly.
  • Uses computer software /terminal for access data entry. Interface among various departments: works collaboratively with other units, services, and departments to ensure patients, families, visitors, and staff receive needed services information, and materials.
  • Takes initiative to identify and resolve/respond to questions and/or discrepancies; acts within the scope of his/her role and refers issues to appropriate team members as needed.
  • Performs a variety of office and clerical functions, such as photocopying, sending, and receiving fax transmissions; takes actions to respond appropriately.
  • Checks copier daily and replaces paper as needed. Calls for service of the copier as needed.
  • Coordinates unit’s communications including but not limited to, placing alphanumeric text pages to physicians or appropriate staff; calling family members/next of kin, etc.
  • May assist inpatient admission, discharge, and transfer processes by obtaining and managing insurance pre-approvals, obtaining and verifying demographic information, completing free-care applications obtaining and creating medical records.

Medical Record and Order Entry:

  • Maintains accurate, complete, up-to-date patient care records as defined by hospital policy.
  • Prepares charts and labels on admission with appropriate documentation sheets and places appropriate clinical pathways in bedside charts, as ordered.
  • Maintains complete and accurate medical records through timely filing of results and treatment documents, periodic chart thinning, and replenishing of chart forms.
  • Ensures that the chart made for the patient has all the necessary documents and labels in place, etc. Label precaution charts with appropriate precaution labels.
  • Maintains supply of precaution signs for patient rooms.
  • Accesses retrieves and enters computerized and non-computerized data, e.g., retrieving lab and test results, etc.
  • Communicates findings to clinical team members as appropriate.
  • Maintains statistics for the PFT Lab and Bronchoscopy areas. (applies to Respiratory Therapy Clinic only) Schedule and book patient appointments.
  • Uses manual/computer programs/terminal i.e. SCM, IDX, GE i.e. for access & data entry of appointment information.
  • Follows the approved scheduling/appointment policy. Schedule an appointment on the day of request.
  • Notifies appropriate individuals as required.
  • Prints appointments as required.
  • Faxes information as needed.
  • Checks chart for completeness.
  • Check to ensure that the appropriate pathway sheet is in the chart.
  • Obtain discharge summaries, ensuring each page has barcode labeling, etc., before forwarding materials to the medical record room.
  • Re-copy and replenishes chart forms, e.g., medication records, activity sheets, etc., before expiration, ensuring each form is appropriately labeled with the correct patient’s name and medical record number.
  • Transcribes patient care orders accurately and promptly as appropriate.
  • Collaborates with the healthcare team to obtain necessary information for test/procedure scheduling inclusive of necessary pre-test/procedure preparation scheduling, e.g., books necessary, preoperative screening exams/tests in advance of scheduling surgery/procedure; coordinates patient test/procedure schedule to minimize patient travel and time-off the unit.
  • Communicates test/procedure/therapy schedule and relevant changes to patients, families, primary care providers, consultants, and staff as appropriate.
  • Maintains appropriate manual/computer logs records, and unit databases, e.g., diet list, census sheets, supply log, and patient board to include updated physician coverage, current pager number and RN name at all times, admissions, discharges, etc.
  • Ensures that the unit has a current Downtime Materials Box.
  • Maintains and replenishes Downtime Box with appropriate order sheets, Dr’s Orders, Progress Notes, lab, etc.
  • Is proficient in downtime procedures and aware of the location of Downtime Computer and Printer that can be accessed when other computers fail.

Care of the Environment, Equipment, and Material Suppliers:

  • Performs a variety of activities to ensure a clean, safe, and stocked unit environment for patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Conducts daily rounds, to ensure a safe and clean environment and contacts appropriate Department/staff to clean, transport, and/or to address other safety/cleanliness issues.
  • Initiates work/repair orders uses computer software /terminal for access data entry. Log issues with the ITS rounder or to the help desk.
  • Arranges for delivery of expired/broken equipment/materials to the appropriate repair site. Tracks and returns borrowed/rented equipment.
  • As directed by the manager, logs/complete daily patient charges/billing, inclusive of appropriate billing codes, either manually or via automated systems according to department /hospital standards.
  • Ensures billing is complete and without errors.
  • Checks inventories, orders, maintains and restocks to par level supply of papers, forms, and office supplies according to par levels and budget targets using an online ordering computer system or paper systems.
  • Organizes work and storage areas.
  • Verify amounts received as ordered.
  • Orders other supplies as requested.
  • Competent in ordering supplies online using Lawson, RSS, and Staples, RR Donnelly i.e. Participates in searches for missing patients, belongings, and/or equipment.
  • Maintains and troubleshoots basic office equipment including but not limited to, a daily reboot of the computer, load printer/photocopier with paper, point-of-service monitors, printers, fax machines, addressograph, etc.

Work Rules, Standards, and Competency Compliance:

  • Acts in a manner that supports a positive and collaborative work environment and that is congruent with established standards, policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Conforms to hospital universal standards of performance and conduct, including those of patient rights and BMC Standards of Behavior, so that the best possible customer service and patient care may be provided.
  • Works cooperatively and constructively with all staff members and takes appropriate steps to effectively resolve interpersonal conflicts seeking assistance from his/her supervisor when needed.
  • Seeks out and acts upon constructive feedback regarding daily performance and works toward achieving goals identified during performance evaluations.
  • Participate in the staff meeting, departmental/unit initiatives, quality improvement projects, and committee meetings as assigned i.e. cost containment activities as needed.
  • If unable to attend non-mandatory activities, accept responsibility to review meeting minutes and document review, and become knowledgeable of issues discussed.
  • Complies with established practice standards, policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines, and regulations, e.g., DPH, Joint Commission, Fire Codes, OSHA, etc.
  • Follows established Conduct and Attendance, Safety, and Infectious control policies/standards; consistently available on the unit.
  • Participates in ongoing educational activities to maintain competency and update requisite skills in his/her area of responsibilities; maintains an accurate annual education record.
  • Completes annual mandatory education requirements, e.g., safety regulation and infection control review, departmental and unit-specific competencies, etc.
  • Maintains a presentable appearance following the dress code. Wears assigned uniform while on duty.
  • Wears and has a visible Hospital I.D. badge that identifies self as a Unit Coordinator.
  • Assists in orientation of new staff, and serves as a resource to float staff on your unit.
  • Adapts to changing patient and unit needs including but not limited to offering assistance to other team members, floating, adjusting assignments, running unit/patient errands when requested, needed, etc.
  • Collaborates with charge nurse/supervisor to coordinate break periods with unit activities.
  • Remains knowledge of and demonstrates reliability concerning established work rules and policies such as hours of work, attendance, punctuality standards, uniforms, etc.
  • Utilizes the hospital’s cultural beliefs as the basis for decision-making and supports the hospital’s mission and goals.
  • Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures.
  • Performs other duties as needed.


  • Requires a high school education or GED.


  • Work requires demonstrated competence to effectively speak, read, and write English. Multilingual skills (beyond that of English) in languages appropriate to the patient populations served by the Medical Center are preferred.
  • Work requires the ability to accurately interpret and utilize medical terminology and abbreviations.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with various computer software systems, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) and hospital-wide systems such as SEM, IDX, SDK, etc.
  • Ability to use and troubleshoot basic office equipment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to interact appropriately with nursing staff, patients, families/visitors, physicians, and other hospital staff in a fast-paced environment.
  • Organizational skills to effectively set priorities and efficiently complete assigned work.
  • Ability to effectively apply basic administrative skills, e.g., typing, filing, telephone skills, etc.
  • Work requires physical ability to meet core job requirements following practice setting demands for the patient populations regularly served.

Job Type: Full-time


  • 8 hour shift

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Work Location: Multiple Locations

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