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At Riverside, everyday brings new and exciting challenges. You can expect an interesting environment where you’re part of making sure our organization is running optimally and safely, helping keep the community healthy. We provide the kind of paid training and opportunities that long-term careers are built on and we recognize hard workers who strive to make a difference. You will be able to succeed in our close-knit, safety-focused culture working together as a team. The careers we offer are meaningful because the work we do matters. Join us!

FTE: 1.000000

Shift: Varies

Location: Riverside Medical Center


The Pharmacy Technician is responsible for providing pharmacy services including, but not limited to, receiving and distributing pharmaceuticals, filling prescription orders, making non-hazardous and hazardous IV solutions/sterile compounding, fillling stock orders, performing inventory control (including control (including maintaining proper expiration dates for medications), providing customer service, and maintaining pharmacy records. The Dispensing Pharmacy Technician works as part of an interdisciplinary patient care team under the direction of registered Pharmacist(s) and/or the Director of Pharmacy. The Pharmacy Technician may assist in training staff under the direction and guidance of a registered pharmacist or the Director of Pharmacy. The Pharmacy Technician should utilize and extend knowledge and competency while performing technical pharmacy functions of the Inpatient Pharmacy.

Experience/Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalen t
  • Completion of an accredited pharmacy technician training program preferred
  • Previous pharmacy technician experience preferred

License or Certification Requirements:

  • Current Illinois Certified Pharmacy Technician license obtained within two weeks of hire


  • Assists pharmacists in all appropriate duties.
  • Receive, distribute, manage, and store pharmaceutical supplies including the following:

– Exchange medication carts

– Complete unit dose cartfill and first dose dispensing activities using pharmacy automation (Med Carousel)

– Receive, fill, issue, deliver and store pharmaceutical products and supplies

– Charge and/or credit patients for medications used in patient care areas

– Transfer of patient’s drugs to other floors as applicable

– Complete the necessary dispensing records

– Assist with pharmacy automation via Med Carousel

– Check/manage expiration dates

– Perform audits as necessary

– Restock Emergency Boxes and Trays

– Monitor drug product quality

– Rotate stock on a regular basis

– Deliver medication to many different inpatient and ambulatory patient care areas

– Restock floor stock medications using automated dispensing cabinets and/or appropriate storage areas in given units

– Puts away all medication orders

– Complete medication compliance checks on the units

– Pull discontinued medication for the patient drawers

– Maintain inpatient care area floor stock

– Sort all incoming pharmaceutical orders in an efficient and accurate and efficient manner for each

– Responsible for repackaging bulk products into unit dose systems

– Handling of controlled substances in accordance with pharmacy department policies and procedures

– Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies in applicable areas of work including documentation and maintaining accurate record keeping

– Utilize sterile product preparation procedures and follow all regular testing and compliance accordingly

– Completes direct product manipulation prior to patient administration and requires complex sterile compounding techniques and mathematical calculations

– Prepares a variety of products including specialized dilutions, intravenous bags, injections, custom dialysis solutions, epidurals, specialty infusions, patient-controlled analgesic products, large and small volume parental products, and narcotic orders

– Responsible for produce preparation and quality assurance

  • Perform other duties as assigned

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Attention to detail
  • Customer service skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Time and task management, prioritizing, and organizational sill
  • Ability to problem solve and prioritize
  • Ability to mathematically compute and convert drug concentrations and doses
  • Ability to type
  • Previous experience with computers, preferable Microsoft Office and other Windows based systems
  • Ability to use computer for order entry, inventory control, billing and record keeping


  • Pharmacy Tech



Riverside Healthcare is revolutionizing care using leading-edge technology to diagnose and treat patients. We are ranked top in the nation for performance in neurosurgery, orthopedics, and heart surgery and have also been named one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals by Truven Health Analytics seven times. Riverside is nationally recognized for our specialty programs in obstetrics, trauma, oncology, rehabilitation, geriatrics, occupational health, psychiatric services, and treatment of alcohol and chemical dependency, as well as patient safety. We combine innovation and convenience at state-of-the-art facilities located in communities throughout the greater Kankakee area.

Riverside Medical Center proves that truly progressive medicine is being delivered in Chicago’s southwest suburbs and East Central Illinois. Join a team that is not only concerned with providing the best care possible but also with offering a work environment of advancement and growth. Riverside is a place that embraces a culture where opinions count and dedications is respected, where superior performance is rewarded with competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

Other information:

Exposure/Sensory Requirements:

Exposure to:
Chemicals: Various chemotherapy agents
Video Display Terminals: Average
Blood and Body Fluids: None
TB or Airborne Pathogens: None

Sensory requirements (speech, vision, smell, hearing, touch):
Speech: Needed for telephone communication.
Vision: Needed to read measured amounts of drugs, assist in proper medication identification.
Smell: N/A
Hearing: Needed for telephone communication.
Touch: Needed for filling prescriptions.

Activity/Lifting Requirements:

Average Hours per Week: 26

Shift: Days and evenings

Percentage of time during the normal workday the employee is required to:
Sit: 5%
Twist: 2 0%
Stand: 80%
Crawl: 0%
Walk: 5 0 %
Kneel: 1 0%
Lift: 15%
Drive: 0%
Squat: 1 0%
Climb: 1 0 %
Bend: 20 %
Reach above shoulders: 20%

The weight required to be lifted each normal workday according to the continuum described below:
Up to 10 lbs: Frequently
Up to 20 lbs: Frequently
Up to 35 lbs: Frequently
Up to 50 lbs: Frequently
Up to 75 lbs: Not Required
Up to 100 lbs: Not Required
Over 100 lbs: Not Required

Describe and explain the lifting and carrying requirements. (Example: the distance material is carried; how high material is lifted, etc.):
)Carry IV cases and medication cassettes up to 30 feet. P> Maximum consecutive time (minutes) during the normal workday for each activity:
Sit: 10
Twist: 0
Stand: 90
Crawl: 0
Walk: 6 0
Kneel: 1 0
Lift: 20
Drive: 0
Squat: 0
Climb: 5
Bend: 20
Reach above shoulders: 60

Repetitive use of hands (Frequency indicated):
Simple grasp Normal weight: 2# frequently
Pushing & pulling Normal weight: up to 24# frequently
Fine Manipulation: Opening zip lock bags, handling of medication, drawing up medication in syringes

Repetitive use of foot or feet in operating machine control: Occasional operation of foot pedal to operate syringe pump for compounding IV solutions. Very little pressure required.

Environmental Factors & Special Hazards:

Environmental Factors (Time Spent) :
Inside hours: 8
Outside hours : 0

Temperature: Normal Range
Lighting: Average
Noise levels: Average
Humidity: Normal Range

Special Hazards : Handling of hazardous materials wearing p rotective c lothing /gear and utilizing spill kits when needed

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