Practice Manager III – Affinity Pediatrics – FT Day Shift – Southwell, Inc. – Tifton, GA

DEPARTMENT: Affinity Pediatrics

F ACILITY: Affinity West Campus

WORK TYPE: Full Time

S HIFT: Day Shift

HOURS: 8 am to 5 pm


The Practice Manager III oversees three (3) or more practice/clinic locations including multi-specialty and surgery practices/clinics or fifteen (15) or more providers. The Practice Manager is responsible for all aspects of the operation and leadership of their assigned practice/clinic sites in support of achieving the TRMC Mission and Values, Physician Services Division Revenue, Expense, and Business Development Goals and Objectives. Assist the Director with Practice Site Specific Revenue, Expense, and Business Development Goals and Objectives. The Practice Manager is a leader, a planner, a source of technical expertise, and a liaison between the Director and the clinic staff. The Practice Manager works with and helps the Director oversee matters regarding financial management, personnel administration, facility maintenance, patient care, and anything else deemed necessary.


* Oversees daily office operations of clinic ensuring that patients are processed through the clinic as quickly as possible while maintaining quality of medical care.

  • Responsible for hiring and supervision of clinic staff and evaluating and counseling of clinic staff.
  • Ensures qualified staff are appropriately performing job duties to promote quality care standards, patient safety, and staff safety.
  • Assures that every part of the clinic is continually kept up to Joint Commission Standards for Ambulatory Care facilities.
  • Develops guidelines for prioritizing work activities, evaluating effectiveness, and modifying activities as necessary.
  • Ensures staffing skill levels and staffing levels are appropriate and safe for the required services delivered and performed.
  • Plans and conducts monthly staff meetings to relay all pertinent information to staff and obtain staff feedback.
  • Ensures all regulatory, quality management and compliance guidelines are met and accordingly develops, implements, and monitors quality and safety systems.
  • Assures proper maintenance and cleanliness of clinic buildings and grounds.
  • Monitors the ordering of ALL supplies for the clinic and oversees the physical storage of supplies and equipment including medications.
  • Makes sure all medical equipment is inspected, as required by law, by a Bio-Medical Engineer and meets all regulatory standards.
  • Ensures that patients are treated courteously with respect and dignity by office staff and that other visitors are screened and properly directed.
  • Ensures that requests for information are handled promptly and effectively.
  • Manages the care, update and retention of medical and other records and reports in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines.
  • Oversees the treatment of patients by the professional and medical personnel of the clinic, ensuring that providers are involved in all aspects of practice operations, planning and provision of quality medical care services.
  • Arranges for recertification and training of medical personnel as needed.
  • Demonstrates dependability, accountability, and flexibility in handling daily clinic activities.
  • Develops and implements a system to monitor and improve patient satisfaction on a regular ongoing basis.
  • Develops and implements a system to monitor and improve staff satisfaction on regular ongoing basis.
  • Develops and implements a system to monitor and improve practice site provider and referring provider satisfaction.
  • Develops, implements and monitors Marketing and Community Relations/Involvement/Service Plan.
  • Approves and reviews all clinic expenditures and forwards them to appropriate individual along with appropriate paperwork.
  • Assists Director with financial matters of the clinic including but not limited to clinic charges, patient billings, and accounts payable.
  • Has working knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation.
  • Preparation and administration of annual budget.
  • Keeps abreast of all pertinent federal, state and facility regulations, laws and policies as they presently exist and as they change or are modified.
  • Ensures that the staff are trained and evaluated on their knowledge of and adherence to compliance policies and procedures specific to their jobs.
  • Demonstrates age-specific skills as required by position.
  • Offers suggestions on ways to improve operations of department and reduce costs.
  • Attends all mandatory education programs.
  • Improves self-knowledge through voluntarily attending continuing education/certification classes.
  • Maintains required competency levels as identified in written exams, skills checklists, skills labs, annual safety and health requirements as well as service excellence education hours requirements.
  • Willing to cross-train in order to better assist co-workers and to provide maximum efficiency in department.
  • Volunteers/participates on hospital committees, functions, and department projects.
  • Manages resources effectively.
  • Reports equipment in need of repair in order to extend life of equipment.
  • Makes good use of time so as to not create needless overtime.


* High School Diploma or Equivalent


Two (2) years of management experience including one year of medical office experience required.


* Basic computer skills

  • Budget management
  • Aligns the direction, products, services, and performance of a business line with the rest of the organization.
  • Conveys confidence in employees’ ability to be successful, especially with new and challenging tasks; allowing employees freedom to decide how they will accomplish their goals and resolve issues.
  • Conveys ideas and facts orally using language the audience will best understand.
  • Manages time, energy and workspace well and is able to accomplish assigned tasks successfully.
  • Phone skills
  • Willingness to delegate responsibility, work with others, and coach to develop their capabilities.
  • Manages and guides group efforts by providing guidance, direction, and support for the purpose of achieving a goal.
  • Conveys ideas and facts in writing using language the reader will best understand.


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