Surgery Scheduler – Eastern Virginia Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists – Chesapeake, VA


****Medical Background Experience Preferred****

The purpose of the surgery scheduler is to provide patients with a date for their procedure and explain all the necessary paperwork. The position involves active communication between the physicians, billing department, surgery facilities and the patients to ensure efficiency. An overview of the scheduling process is highlighted below.

  • Obtain detailed information, to include: type of surgery, equipment needed, anesthesia requested, and preoperative testing required by surgeon. Complete all paperwork prior to the patient’s scheduled paperwork appointment.
  • Maintain accountability for scheduling surgery in an efficient manner to ensure surgeon productivity
  • Explain all forms to the patient including pre-op instructions and all risks and complications.
  • Communicate with all hospital program coordinators, staff, and physicians regarding changes in schedule and/or patient status
  • Give patient any necessary copies of the paperwork to take with them.
  • Schedule a post-op appointment as needed based on the physician preference.
  • Provide the completed packet to the physician for sign off. Utilize the courier box for the doctors who do not work out of Chesapeake at all.
  • Break down the signed packet and send forms to the facility. Prepare a day of surgery packet with any office notes/letters, test results, etc. Create a packet for scanning to be added to the patient’s record.
  • Request any films for upcoming surgery.
  • Schedule Medical clearance appointments and when labs need to be done prior to surgery. Make sure PCP and specialists’ office receive paperwork/labs/last office note for clearance appointment. Make sure provider reviews any special recommendations from providers and also to make sure provider reviews lab results.
  • Confirm surgery times/order at the facilities the morning before surgery, and call all patients to let them know their arrival time for surgery.
  • Provide the physician or their nurse with the folder of packets for the OR the day prior to surgery. Be sure all results are included in the packet and it is in an orderly fashion. Films for surgery should be included with the OR folder and/or dropped off at the hospital ahead of time before surgery day. For the doctors who do not work in Chesapeake the day prior to their surgery day will need their packets sent to the appropriate satellite office via the courier box 2-3 days before surgery.
  • Scan any post-surgery pictures or paperwork into patient’s chart per provider
  • Keep up with IOP(in office procedure) calendar and make sure equipment is available per provider request
  • Keep up with releasing block days 10days prior to surgery date so that office is not reprimanded.

The surgery scheduler makes every effort to get all patients to the OR on their scheduled date. If cancellations come up try and find other patient’s who may be able to move up their surgery. We try to keep the physicians as full as possible at the OR to best utilize their time as well as help get the patients scheduled as soon as possible.

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