Physician Assistant – Clinica Romero – Los Angeles, CA

Position Title: Physician Assistant
Department: Medical
Position Reports to: Medical Director

Position Summary*:
To fulfill duties of obtaining health histories and performing physical examinations and laboratory tests. Diagnoses and treatment of physical, social and emotional health needs for our clients.

Responsibilities: *

  • Performs history and physical examinations on adults and children (if trained to do so). Physical exams include pre-employment, school, sports, well child periodic screening, etc.)
  • Performs Pap smears, breast examinations, and other medical services as needed.
  • Counsels for birth control and prescribes as appropriate.
  • Gathers complete medical history and performs a physical exam on each client.
  • Provides treatment for a documents various related diseases.
  • Writes prescriptions as deemed appropriate by supervising physician.
  • Review results of lab tests and diagnostic imaging and arranges appropriate follow-up.
  • Provides for the provision of health education and appropriately documents all health education.
  • Reviews referral/consultant reports and arranges appropriate follow-up.
  • Answers miscellaneous medical questions in the absence of the Nursing Director or Medical Director.
  • Assists in training of staff.
  • Participates in provider meetings.
  • Participates in chart review and quality assurance activities as detailed in the Quality Assurance policies and procedures.
  • Provides back up for nursing director and medical director as follows:
  • Responds to calls from pharmacies regarding prescriptions and refills
  • Responds to calls from other physicians
  • Responds to calls from patients requiring medical advice when the Registered Nurse is not available.
  • Triages walk-in patients when the R.N. is not available at the request of front or back office staff.
  • Assists the front office staff in arranging for appropriate arrangements for patients who arrive when the provider they were scheduled with has been canceled- i.e. reviews the medical record and helps determine how soon and where the patient should be seen.
  • Other responsibilities and duties as assigned.

Observes CMOAR Appearance/Dress Standards.

  • Observe regulations on time card use and reporting.
  • Maintain attendance as a policy.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area.
  • Observe general Safety/Employee Health policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a current annual health screening.
  • Observe CMOAR Appearance/Dress standards.
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of both client and employee with regard to medical records.
  • Display clearly visible identification.
  • Treat all patients with respect and dignity and adheres’ to the Patient Bill of Rights.
  • Treats all employees with respect and dignity in accordance to non-discriminatory policy and procedure.
  • Treat all employees/clients in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Conduct only work related conversations when clients are waiting for service.
  • Do not discuss other staff members, policies, problems or medical care in public areas of clinic.


  • Knowledge of nursing process and medical model:
  • Knowledge of health and physical assessment; Ability to perform emergency resuscitation
  • Knowledge of medical diagnosis and appropriate treatments
  • Knowledge of sanitation practices, proper nutrition, and related programs
  • Skill in written and verbal communication;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies, and the public, and ability to manage and lead clinic operations.
  • Equivalent to a Master’s degree form an accredited Physician Assistant Program. Selected applicants are subject to, and must pass, a full background check.
  • National Certification as a Physician Assistant.
  • Must provide proof of up-to-date COVID-19 vaccinations including recommended doses in the primary series AND booster dose when eligible.

Job Type: Full-time

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