Speech Language Pathology Assistant SLPA – Orleans Southwest – Hardwick, VT

The SLP-A will support licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) in providing a variety of services in elementary, middle and highschool school settings to students with identified communication disorders. The SLP-A executes specific components of a speech and language program as specified in treatment plans developed by the SLP. Goals and objectives listed on the treatment plan and implemented by the SLPA are only those within their scope of responsibilities and are tasks the SLP has determined the SLPA has the training and skill to perform. The SLP must provide at least the minimum specified level of supervision to ensure the quality of care to all persons served.

The amount of supervision may vary and must depend on the complexity of the case and the experience of the assistant.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.*Assist speech-language pathologists in the conduct of student screenings or assessments of language, voice, fluency, articulation, or hearing.*Provide direct treatment assistance to students (e.g. phonetic alphabet, vocabulary and language, fluency, oral motor exercises, etc.) for the purpose of implementing goals for remediation of speech and language deficits.*Follow and implement treatment plans or protocols as directed by speech-language pathologists.*Document student progress toward meeting established objectives and report the information to the SLP; *Collect, compile and document data on student achievement to assess program quality, prepare reports and/or update IEP logs. Consult with SLP, teachers, etc.

for the purpose of providing requested information and developing plans for services.*Assist the SLP during assessments by assisting with documentation and performing clerical duties; *Prepare therapy material and/or equipment for use in therapy activities; adapt or modify instructional materials and/or equipment as determined by student needs and abilities under the direction of the SLP ; *Assist in maintaining student records, tallying data, preparing charts, records, graphs and reports; *Observe and report significant behavioral patterns or other problems to the SLP; *Assist in maintaining appropriate student behavior between activities; *Assist speech-language pathologists in the remediation or development of speech and language skills.*Assist the SLP in conducting in-service training sessions, or family and community education programs. *Perform support duties such as preparing materials, keeping records, maintaining supplies, and scheduling activities*Maintain and prepare a wide variety of manual and electronic materials (e.g. charts, logs, records and/or reports) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, conveying information; and/or complying with mandated requirements. *Test and/or maintain augmentative communication devices and equipment for the purpose of ensuring availability of required tools.

Order materials (e.g. catalogues, testing materials, warehouse orders, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring supplies are available to users. *Participate in parent/teacher meetings, in-service trainings and/or research projects for the purpose of receiving or conveying information related to job responsibilities as requested by the SLP. The communities of the OSSU share an enthusiastic commitment to place-based learning, sustainability education, whole child and trauma informed practices, proficiency based learning, and farm to school.

Our educators are collaborative, creative, lifelong learners who value rural culture. Our students are connected to nature, each other and their community. We work together toward a vision of flourishing communities sustained by engaged, compassionate, skilled citizens.

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