Certified Nursing Assistant – Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc – Tarzana, CA

Drugs that are appropriate for a CNA to administer under the supervision of a Registered Nurse may include:

Oral, topical, suppository, eye drops, ear drops.

Single dose immunizations administered intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle.

Intradermal injections for allergy testing.

Drugs that are not appropriate for administration by a CNA include:

Any controlled substance

Experimental drugs

Medications requiring dosage adjustments or calculation of dosages

Medications requiring specialized training

Intravenous (IV) Administration, IV Drips (infusions) or IV Push drugs, unless the CNA is certified in IV therapy.

Knowledgeable about the HIV disease process and the psychological effects of living with HIV,as well as the co-morbidities of substance abuse and mental illness and their effects on the management of the HIV illness.

Establishes and keeps current a resource file/directory of information regarding available programs, services, contact persons and avenues of access in the community and current trendsof knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS.

Develops and submits accurate reports regarding client activities, patients served, caseload andother information as needed.

Utilizes independence within outside entities or patients’ home when arranging for patient care, taking into consideration safety issues and special circumstances.

Respects the inherent dignity of each person living with HIV they serve. Services will be patient driven, aiming to increase a patient sense of empowerment and self-advocacy.

Assist patient with bathing, toileting, and shaving.

Assist with care of hair, nails, mouth, and skin.

Assist with dressing.

Assist with ambulation and transfer activities:
Do patients personal and essential laundry.

Make the bed and change the patient’s linen.

Keep the patient’s room neat and clean, light vacuuming, mopping, dusting, empty trash, etc.

Prepare and serve the patient’s meal and clean up afterwards, wash dishes.

Assist patient with eating.

To complete reports of services for each visit.

To immediately report any observed unsatisfactory client care issues.

Other duties as described in the Care Plan.


California State Certified as a C.N.A.

Bilingual English/Spanish preferred


1. Certified Nursing Assistant


Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, which provides behavioral healthcare services, including chemical dependency.


Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. does not discriminate as to race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and disability in its hiring practices.


Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. supports the American with Disabilities Act. Discrimination is prohibited in all aspects of employment against disabled persons, who, with reasonable accommodations, can perform the essential functions of a job.

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