Managing Director Senior Communities – Selfhelp – New York, NY

Job Summary: Administers, manages, and promotes the day-to-day operations of the Senior Centers program, oversees department budgets, ensures provision of services, implements and maintains sanitary and safety standards, and supervises workers involved in providing technology services, social services, nutritional, emotional, physical, intellectual and culturally diverse services to clients and the community at large. Maintains positive relationships with funding sources, Management companies, and various partners and health wellness service providers. Works as part of a team with Managing Directors to ensure proper functioning of Senior Communities division.

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee operations and administration of senior center programs in conformity with agency and funders’ guidelines, develop department/program goals and objectives, establish and implement policies and procedures, and work with Program Directors and Coordinators to ensure smooth daily operations.
  • Evaluate program activities, staff workload, and monitor and improve programs, establish new initiatives to promote integration, and to enhance the services to clients and members.
  • Develop goals and objectives for the individual senior centers individually and collectively, and establish and implement policies and procedures. Plan and organize systems to assist staff in meeting production standards, regulatory requirements and agency goals.
  • Analyze operations and goals, including fiscal oversight of all budgets and service units. Participate in formation of short term and long-range plans and budgets for department. Evaluate the results of operations regularly and systematically and report these results to the VP. Develop and research opportunities for expansion through government and/or private funders.
  • Select, train, supervise and provide guidance to the professional staff, in accordance with Selfhelp’s standards of performance. Develop standards of performance, evaluate the staff’s performance and make recommendations for personnel actions including termination. Oversee all staffing, ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of all senior centers and promotes team operations.Assign appropriate training/in-service/conferences, designate staff assignments. Insure proper supervision of PSRLs, volunteers, and student interns.
  • Serve as primary liaison for senior centers with various funding sources, including government agencies, private grants and elected officials. Ensure senior centers are complying with all contractual and regulatory requirements. Participate in the application process for all grants. Review all required interim and final reports. Ensure that all deadlines are met.
  • Supervise and coordinate the responsibilities of the staff of all the senior centers for cross-training purposes and for efficient operations.
  • Oversee fundraising, public relations and outreach activities in the community and in the public and private foundation sector.Direct subordinate staff in outreach and public relations efforts and represent agency and program to key politicians, funders, media, etc.
  • Lead staff in developing and maintaining partnerships with community health care providers and others including Selfhelp’s Licensed Home Care Services Agency to address identified health needs of senior centers through a coordinated approach.
  • Oversee supervision of all social services, including case assistance/management, counseling, legislative grant program, senior partners, telephone reassurance, intergenerational programs, social action committee, all Senior Center groups, classes, programs, etc.
  • Evaluate staff regularly, and provide feedback and guidance. Ensure all subordinate staff have completed and submitted all performance evaluations by the established target date.
  • Ensure social worker’s client service plans meet Selfhelp’s, funder’s, and regulatory objectives and specifications. Review case rolls of community workers, including but not limited to intervention plans, on-going cases and work-log. Disseminate information regarding changes in policies and procedures affecting clients’ rights and entitlements.
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings and attend monthly Directors’ meeting and other Selfhelp managerial meetings and training. Keep staff informed of agency-wide goals and plans and facilitate interdepartmental relations and activities.
  • Ensure compliance with all funders’ guidelines including the NYC DFTA contracts pertaining to the various programs, and participate in the Department For The Aging audits, meetings, etc. when necessary.
  • Ensure facilities meet and maintain safety and sanitary conditions and ensure compliance with building, fire and health department codes. Monitor that appropriate subordinate Staff hold regular fire drills as mandated by city fire department and train staff in emergency procedures.
  • Attend Policy Advisory Councils, Directors, Divisional and other organizational meetings.
  • Participate in scheduled Managing Directors Team meetings.
  • Coordinate efforts of supervised programs with other departments to ensure uniformity of practice and standards – for example, campus and healthcare partnerships – and to promote efficiencies and economies.
  • Work on special projects as assigned by the Vice President of Senior Communities.
  • Consult with and advise the Vice President when appropriate of problems related to the operation of the senior centers and recommend changes in administrative policies to carry out objectives more effectively.

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