Patient Service Tech – Cape Cod Healthcare – Harwich, MA


  • Responsible to provide good customer service as the front line support staff for the laboratory. Communicate professionally and confidentially with patients, clients and staff members.
  • Successfully collects blood samples from both ambulatory and bed ridden patients utilizing venipuncture sticks, finger sticks and heel sticks. Obtains throat culture swabs and verbally instructs patients on collecting samples at home, i.e. stools and 24 hour urines.
  • Processes laboratory specimens according to the test methodology guidelines for the appropriate testing site; centrifuging samples, pouring off serum or plasma, keeping sample at optimum temperature for accurate results to be achieved.
  • Properly register patient demographic information into the Meditech System, or in the future any laboratory information system being utilized by this laboratory. Information must be complete and accurate ensuring adequate information at time of service for services to be billed.
  • Enter the physicians’ orders for lab work into the LIS accurately and on the correct patient account.
  • Responsible for basic compliance knowledge as it pertains to phlebotomy, including HIPAA compliance, and Medicare requirements for Medical Necessity.
  • Performs EKGs on scheduled patients, accurately placing leads and obtaining printouts to be professionally read by physicians. (Location dependent)
  • Has knowledge of working multiple CCHC Laboratories collection sites; minimum of 3 sites in order to cross over locations. Must be able to open and close each site.
  • Communicates with clients via telephone to ensure proper specimen identity, correct patient information and proper diagnoses, as well as give physicians results on their patients.
  • Able to handle specimen problems with appropriate training, as well as informing a supervisor of a problem needing management involvement.
  • Is responsible to perform an occasional stat draw at a nursing home, a patient home or physician office when designated by management.
  • Responsible to be on a rotation for On-Call per contract.
  • Responsible to fill supply orders for clients and collection sites.
  • Responsible to keep phlebotomy areas well stocked, including the stock room.
  • Responsible for daily maintenance and safety of all drawing rooms, including but not limited to cleaning workbenches and drawing chairs daily.
  • Responsible to work as a team member with the entire CCHC Laboratories staff and with related laboratories, performing other related job duties as directed by a manager.

Consistently provides service excellence to all patients, family members, visitors, volunteers and co-workers in a manner that reflects CCHC Laboratories’ commitment to CARES: compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and service.

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