Evening Health and Wellness Coordinator/Shift Supervisor (3pm-11pm) – Legacy Ridge Sweetwater Creek – Lithia Springs, GA

Evening Shift (3-11pm) LPN/Patient Care Tech who works under the supervision of the Administrator. Renders care to all residents. Carries out specialized duties pertaining to the medication needs of the residents as well as assisting the residents with daily care needs and other pertinent activities as assigned. Reports any medication needs or concerns to management immediately and concurrently places an order with the appropriate facility. (Placing medication orders timely. This will insure that these medications will always be available.) Is diligent in following up with any paperwork and record keeping pertaining to their specialized duties. Observes and reports unusual symptoms and conditions of residents immediately to the resident’s physician and the front office. Document any incidents in the Log Book and report such to the front office. Diligently read the Log Book each day so that you are familiar with the previous occurrences of the day or previous shifts. When appropriate, meet with the residents’ families. Works with the Wellness Director to ensure that all resident files are incompliance. Supervises the caregivers and ensures that the medications schedules are sufficient and adhered to. Daily review the MAR’s and the nursing program to ensure that the facility is incompliance with all regional, state and federal rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Ensure that the nursing program meets the rules, regulations and expectations of the owners.


  • College degree or equivalent.
  • Knowledgeable of her/his craft.
  • LPN or Patient Care Tech
  • Training in basic First Aid and CPR
  • Genuine interest in older adults.
  • Good mental and physical health and appearance.

a. Physical examination upon employment.

b. No known problems with drug addiction and/or alcohol.

  • Alertness and ability to recognize change in resident’s condition and act on.
  • Possess qualities of loyalty and dependability.
  • Ability to work congenially with others in administering duties.
  • Ability to intervene in a crisis.
  • Awareness of resident’s rights.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Pay attention to details but do something about them.
  • Ability to follow procedures stays calm and intervene effectively, in emergency situations.
  • Must be knowledgeable of the medication policies and procedures as outlined in a special medication orientation session with Management and/or pharmacy staff.
  • Good appearance.
  • Awareness of resident’s rights.
  • Must attend all medication in-services.
  • At least one year’s experience working in an assisted living home preferred.

Responsibility For:

Assisting and treating residents in a pleasant manner conducive to their safety and comfort. Adhering to instructions issued by Management and to established Personal Care Home routine. Performing duties in accordance with established methods and techniques as outlined under “Duties” and in the Policy and Procedure Manual, providing residents with maximum care.

Responsibilities: 1.Review “log” book and get report from the person you are relieving. Initial reports in “log” book that has been left since your last shift.

2. Make doctor’s appointments and give list to front office.

3. Check to make sure that residents’ have had all meds. Check to see if residents have had baths, etc and that their rooms are clean. This can be checked by reviewing the Weekly Logs also it can be determined by being near the resident.

4. Assist residents with activities of daily living.

5. After obtaining any notes or assignment, make rounds and let residents in

your care know you are present. Inform residents of any special appointments or activity at this time.

6. Make sure residents are ready for and on time for meals when time permits.

7. Conduct skin assessments.

8. Assist kitchen staff with serving meals, when time permits.

9. Know Emergency Procedures as listed in Emergency Procedure Book.

10. Confidentiality is a Must. Never discuss resident’s condition with anyone other than facility staff members.

11. Never discuss information regarding the facility, its residents, or staff with anyone other than appropriate facility management personnel. If it is about the resident, the appropriate information needs to be discussed with the responsible party (POA or guardian) only because of the HIPPA law.

12. Always exercise good hand washing techniques. Wash hands before passing medications, before serving meals, (if this happens), and before and after assisting residents.

13. Resident’s weight and (VS’s) vital signs will be monitored on an as needed basis unless need dictates that it is done other times. Check the schedule for dates that VS must be done, and record on appropriate sheets provided and in the logbook. These sheets must be kept in the appropriate notebook.

14. When confronted with conditions, which have resulted in exposure to blood, follow, the instructions as outlined in the Blood Borne Policy guideline posted on bulletin board and in the office.

15. Notify front office when a resident needs additional clothes, personal hygiene supplies, protective undergarments, etc. Each resident is assigned a laundry day; on the laundry schedule, please review this with the team leaders and front office. That schedule should be followed unless there is an emergency.

16. Record any pertinent information that occurs on your shift in the logbook prior to clocking out.

17. Under No Condition should any caregiver or nurse expose him/her to lifting weights (any person or thing) which would endanger their own physical condition. Always position yourself in such a manner as to be prepared for any sudden need to respond to falling or supporting a resident. Unstable residents require 2 caregivers when assisting with with baths and awkward ambulation needs.

18. All PRN medications are to be recorded by time frame and amount administered.

19. The Medication Administration Record Sheet for each resident should be initialed in the appropriate space once the resident has finished with his or her medications.

20. You are responsible to follow through and record pulse/blood pressure readings prescribed on the MedicationAdministration Record Sheets.

Refusal of medications: If a resident refuses a medication, move on to the next resident. Once finished with that resident, return to the previous resident and try again. If resident continues to refuse, document the refusal on the Medication Administration Record Sheet. You must then notify Management.

21. Record any new orders, medication changes, etc. on the appropriate forms.

22. Read any memos or communications specifically addressing medication directions. Always initial them once read.

23. Always double check the “New Order/Changes” sheet for any changes, errors, etc.

24. You are responsible for ordering meds and also notifying the front office when the meds are low (2wks low) and when they are ordered.

25. Conduct wellness checks.

26. Count off meds with the nurse that will be relieving you.

27. Conduct functional/resident/self medication assessments.

28. Conduct yearly assessments, quarterly assessments, or assessments when a residents’ needs have changed.

29. Review a resident’s file to determine that it is completed. Do periodic checks.

30. Check to see if waivers/releases are in files, if residents self medicates.

31. Get pagers and wear it during the day.

32. Be knowledgeable of all drills: fire drills etc…

33. Make sure that daycare participants are taken care of appropriately: Weekly blood pressures, monthly weights, skin assessments, etc…

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15.00 – $19.00 per hour


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift

Work Location:

  • One location

Work Remotely:

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