Job Developer – Thurston County – Morningside – Olympia, WA


Thrive working directly with people who experience disabilities in a coaching and advocacy role.

Believe that people with disabilities should have equitable access to employment and their community.

Enjoy (training provided) advocating with, training, and coaching local businesses to develop equitable workforces.

Value and respect the contribution of persons with disabilities in your community.

Find meaning in supporting people with disabilities to set and obtain their vocational goals.

Believe in helping people learn and demonstrate skills that increase their self-sufficiency and independence.

Excel in a well-supported, well trained, and self-starting role.

Embrace a life/work harmony and a flexible schedule.


Service to Others: Our focus is being of service to people with disabilities, the employers, and communities that support them.

Building Community: We actively work to build stronger and inclusive communities through serving people with disabilities.

Integrity: We act with integrity and hold ourselves accountable.

Respect: We treat all people with respect, dignity, tolerance, and compassion.

Innovation: We are innovators and leaders in our field, constantly improving our services and adjusting to the needs of the communities and people we serve.

Teamwork: We achieve our high standard of results through teamwork.

Communication: We communicate directly and openly with sincerity and respect.

Excellence: Our standard of service is excellence and our results are delivered with the highest quality.

Vision: We envision new and innovative services that create a positive impact on people with disabilities.

Advocacy: We work passionately for the inclusion and equity of people with disabilities.

Learn more: and this video.


  • Starting pay for this position is $17.29 or higher, depending on qualifications.
  • Merit increases are available regularly when meeting and exceeding outcomes
  • Annual COLA adjustments (annually depending on budget outcomes)

Benefits Include:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Long-term Disability after 60 days
  • Retirement match up to 5% after one year
  • Ten (10) paid holidays
  • Paid Time Off of 12 hours a month
  • Training and working in a purpose-driven culture

Summary: The basic function of the Job Developer is to source and secure appropriate jobs for Morningside clients by contacting businesses in their assigned geographic area.

Unique Responsibilities: The following additional responsibilities are unique to the specialty of Job Developer:

  • Contact known and new potential employers, as needed, to locate appropriate jobs in occupations/area of client interest.
  • Provide follow-up as necessary to ensure placement success.
  • Assist employers to combine, recombine, or carve tasks appropriate for referred client.
  • Facilitate introductions clients, employer, and Job Coach.
  • Facilitate interview, and placement process for client success.
  • May attend DVR meetings.
  • Assist clients with hiring process.

Unique Accountabilities: The following additional accountabilities (measures of performance) are unique to the specialty of Job Developer:

  • Meet or exceed the goals for the annual (or other frequency) number of jobs developed, as mutually agreed with Program Manager.

Unique Authorities: The following additional levels of authority are unique to the specialty of Job Developer:

  • May assist clients to determine the methods (such as cold calling, networking, etc.) and frequency of outreach to current or prospective employers.

Unique Skills, Education, and Experience: The following additional required skills, education, and experience are unique to the specialty of Job Developer:

  • A strong aptitude for the common activities of sales including excellent communication skills, willingness to meet new people, attending networking events, and conducting independent research to develop prospect lists.

Unique Working Conditions: The following additional or different working conditions are unique to the specialty of Job Developer:

  • May need to attend events, meetings, and functions to develop new relationships.

This position is highly visible in the community, requiring interaction with a variety of employers, funding sources, and businesses in a wide range of environments, including marketing, education, and working with clients throughout their employment. A strong work life balance is emphasized and flexibility in scheduling is a must- we work when our clients work!

We offer a full line of state-of-the-art training and many of our colleagues brought transferable skills like time management, customer service, patience, attention to detail from other industries. We will hire the right person with the right attitude. Preferred candidates may come with experience and education in field of human services, training, advocacy, and/or education. Strong candidates may have a background working with individuals with disabilities, strong advocacy for human rights and equity, great customer service, ability to juggle a caseload of clients, ability to write professional case notes and letters, and an interest in our mission. As a condition of employment, background checks are performed due to working with vulnerable adults. A valid driver’s license and auto insurance is also required although fleet cars are available for travel within the community and mileage reimbursement can also be offered.

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