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Description/Job Summary


Being a Direct Support Professional at Fine Line Studios is more than just a job, it’s a rewarding opportunity to work in a creative environment by assisting people with special needs to explore the arts and express themselves. A DSP art staff is a creative and responsible individual able to collaborate with studio management, studio staff, and the artists we support in order to assist FLS artists in developing, organizing, and promoting their artwork both at the studio and in the community. We are looking for part time DSPs to work 2-3 days per week.


  • Ongoing opportunities to CHANGE LIVES-including your OWN!
  • Employee Wellness Program


A FLS Direct Support Professional Art Staff will be able to do the following:

  • Facilitate groups of adults with disabilities in creating art with various art mediums.
  • Provide supervision of individuals in accordance with the person-centered ISP; supporting someone to work towards outcomes identified in ISP and other Person-Centered Support Plans
  • Complete required documentation
  • Administer Medication
  • Provide transportation to consumers
  • Support consumers in activities of daily living, meal prep, toileting, hygiene, as appropriate
  • Assist in Community Integration Activities and access to community Supports including medical appointments, social security access, etc.
  • Complete all other miscellaneous tasks as assigned by supervisor

  • Complete other responsibilities and duties as assigned by the Program Director

Required Experience

Required Education

  • High School diploma or GED

Required Qualifications

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to focus and multi-task, be flexible, and maintain composure during crisis.
  • Ability to exercise good judgement and initiative in providing services and supports to the artists.
  • Reliable and punctual.

Program Summary

Fine Line Studios is an arts-based day program supporting adults with developmental disabilities, located in the Bridgeton neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. We are a part of Resources for Human Development (RHD), a national human services non-profit, dedicated to supporting thousands of people of all abilities every year with effective, innovative, and person-centered programs.

Fine Line Studios offers adults with disabilities an outlet for unbridled creativity and self-expression through visual arts, music, and community involvement. We have been providing individuals with the tools and materials to create art and the supports to define themselves as artists since 2010. Through classes in drawing & illustration, painting techniques, printmaking, ceramics & sculpture, jewelry, fibers, filmmaking, creative writing, and original music production, we allow our clients to explore their creative desires and develop their artistic skills. We help our individuals gain access to the local community through volunteering and leisure activities, by visiting local art museums and galleries, and showcasing their artwork in exhibitions. The staff members we employ to support our artists come from various backgrounds in the arts, allowing us to create a vibrant, diverse, and unique culture.

Through the arts, we enrich the lives of those we serve.

Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.



Resources for Human Development is a national human services non-profit founded in 1970, specializing in creating innovative, quality services that support people of all abilities and challenges wherever the need exists. We support more than 160 programs across 14 states, serving tens of thousands of people of all abilities every year. RHD maintains a corporate office in Philadelphia, which provides fiscal supervision, management oversight, support and encouragement, and technical assistance to its programs. RHD prides itself on its history of innovation, not only in the services we offer but also in our management approach rooted in RHD’s Values. RHD is committed to the fundamental value of dignity and respect for all human beings, to the empowerment of our consumers and staff, and to the flexibility to meet the changing needs of all our partners and those we serve.


RHD’s mission is to provide caring, effective, and innovative services that empower people of all abilities as they work to achieve the highest level of independence possible and build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.


Resources for Human Development has been delivering trauma-informed, person-centered services to people with intellectual disabilities in Missouri since 2008. RHD Missouri’s Residential Program meets people’s needs in a way that treats people with respect and dignity and places a premium on their quality of life. We provide residential services and community integration, as well as arts based day programs in St. Louis County, Saint Charles, and Kansas City.


At RHD Missouri, you can build a career you’re proud of. With RHD you’re a partner. We work together to help people to build successful lives – both client and caregiver. RHD Missouri’s day and residential programs strive to give individuals the opportunity and ability to create their own services and to be able to offer a support that fits their needs and preferences. We believe that RHD demonstrates its commitment to employees by listening and responding to employee concerns and inviting an ongoing dialogue to improve culture.

Together We Are Better, Together We Are RHD.

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