Airport Police Officer I/II – County of Kern – Bakersfield, CA

Salary: Level I: $1,633.02 – $1,993.58 Biweekly; Level II: $1,804.31 – $2,202.69 Biweekly

Shift work:
5% additional pay for evening shift work, 7 ½% additional pay for night shift work; applicants must be willing to work any shift of a 24-hour period and any 5 of 7 days.

Minimum Qualifications/Employment Standards:

High School Diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent. Experience working at a general aviation, military or commercial service airport or an on-airport aviation business is preferred. AND Successful completion of an introductory course of training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) as described in Penal Code Section 832 (arrest and firearms training).

II: In addition to above, one year of paid experience equivalent to Airport Police Officer I. Promotion to Level II is subject to the recommendation of the department head and approval by the Director of Personnel.

Additional Requirements-Both Levels:
Successful completion of an introductory course of training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) as described in Penal Code Section 832.1 (aviation security) within 90 days of the date of employment. Failure to complete the required training will result in termination of employment.

Physical Requirements:
Physical Exam: Passing of a medical exam by the County is required.

: Correctable to 20/20. No color deficiency or permanent/progressive eye abnormalities.
Hearing: No deficiency.


Written Exam (Weight 50%): May include knowledge of County ordinances and State and Federal codes governing airport operations; security regulations; basic law enforcement principles and techniques; operation of communication equipment used in the course of the work, such as radios, telephone, and related systems; and report writing methods and practices.

Physical Ability(Qualifying Only): Candidates must successfully complete a physical ability test.

Airport Police Officer I/II Applicant Physical Ability Test

Purpose of the Test:
The physical Ability Test has been designed to simulate physical skills necessary for service as an Airport Police Officer.

Wearing Apparel: Clothing should be worn which will allow you the greatest freedom of movement. Barefoot candidates or those wearing other than standard athletic shoes will not be permitted to take the test. Do not bring valuables to the test location. Spectators will not be allowed.

Physical Condition: Persons who are not in good physical condition should not participate in the test. You will be required to sign a Waiver of Civil Liability which releases the County of Kern and the Kern County Parks Department from liability for any injury which might result from your participation in the Physical Ability Test.

Composition of the Test: The test consists of three separate events which are described below. Successful completion of each event is required.

Candidates will have two attempts to successfully complete each of the required events. If you fail on the first attempt, you will be given a second opportunity to complete the event. Failure to successfully complete any one of the required events on the second attempt will fail you for the entire test.

Station I-Timed Run: You will be required to run a distance of 950′. Maximum time allowance: 72 Seconds. This event simulates responding, by foot, to a disturbance at the Airport parking booth from your position at the terminal security desk.

Station II – Weight Drag: You will be required to drag a victim simulator a distance of approximately 30 feet. The simulator will weigh approximately 160 lbs. Maximum time allowance: 12 seconds. This event simulates moving an injured person a safe distance from an area of immediate danger.

Station III – Stair Climb: You will be required to climb approximately 45 stairs. Maximum time allowance: 15 seconds. This event simulates responding, by foot, to a disturbance at the Airport administration office from your position at the terminal security desk.

Oral Exam (Weight 50%): Will be conducted for the purpose of appraising training, education, experience, interest and personal fitness for the position. IF THE NUMBER OF APPLICANTS SUCCESSFUL ON THE WRITTEN EXAMINATION IS INSUFFICIENT TO WARRANT AN ORAL APPRAISAL, THE WRITTEN EXAMINATION SHALL BE WEIGHTED 100%. Applicants must attain at least a 70% score on each phase of the examination process.

Full Job Description: Airport Police Officer I/II

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Admittance to the examination will require a valid government issued photograph identification. Applicants who are unable to present proper identification must make arrangements with the Human Resources Division prior to the test date.

A background check may be conducted for this classification.

Following an offer of employment, you may be required to submit to post offer medical and drug screening tests at County expense.

This examination will establish an eligible list from which immediate appointment(s) will be made at the Airports Department. Other permanent and temporary appointments will be made as needed. Successful candidates will remain on the eligible list for a period of twelve-months, unless specified otherwise by the Civil Service Commission. Candidates are encouraged to indicate acceptable geographical locations in which they would accept employment on their application form. Candidates MUST be willing to travel to these locations (areas/district offices).

This position works within Kern County Airports. For more information about the department, please view their website here.

For more information regarding Kern County’s recruitment process, please see our FAQ page.

Kern County is an ADA compliant and an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply.

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