Internal Audit/Compliance Manager (Healthcare/Diagnostic Laboratory Experience Only)

The Internal Audit/Compliance Manager (IACM) will work with the Compliance officer to implement and maintain the compliance plan. This will be done through a disciplined monitoring approach using regular audits, proactive reviews of processes and root-cause analysis of identified compliance issues.

Duties and responsibilities:

The ICMC will assist the Compliance Officer as required in carrying out the duties required for a successful compliance plan implementation, including.

  • Assessing Risk Management Processes: perform full audits, including risk management and control management to ensure that compliance is met within all the company’s systems and processes, and oversee the implementation of their findings.
  • Guiding Managers and Staff: act as an objective source of guidance and advice for teams within the company to make sure that developments and processes are legal and work towards achieving company-wide goals.
  • Preparing Reports: analyze and evaluate documents, prepare reports that reflect the audit results and document the proposed process.
  • Researching Emerging Issues: research the latest trends and issues in the industry, determining the scope of the internal audit accordingly. Develop annual plans, which are discussed with managers and stakeholders to agree on systems that will help the business grow.
  • Conduct Follow-up Audits: conduct follow-up audits to monitor interventions from management, and make sure that relevant regulations and rules are being met and best practices are being followed.

Skills and qualifications:

  • The IACM will work independently and will display a strong level of integrity, analytical skills, and the ability to map processes and evaluate data to make informed decisions.
  • Initiative – work independently and should take the initiative and make decisions
  • Judgment –think objectively, have strong ethical standards, and high levels of integrity to adhere to regulations
  • Organization skills – very organized and able to prioritize workload
  • Communication skills – work closely with and present valuable data to other teams, managers, and stakeholders
  • Analytical thinking – an analytical mind-set and numerical skills are useful in manipulating large amounts of data and creating reports

Education and training requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree in business, engineering and at least two years of relevant healthcare experience

Experience requirements:

  • Prior knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem
  • Prior experience as internal auditor and/or compliance monitor/manager
  • Prior experience with board reporting
  • Prior experience with confidential toll free reporting phone numbers
  • familiar with some or all of the healthcare regulatory kick back laws, to name a few:
    • Anti-Kickback Statue (AKS)
    • Stark Law
    • Sunshine Act
    • False Claims Act( FCA)
    • OIG and CMS guidelines and requirements
    • EKRA law
    • Prior experience with whistleblower(s)environment

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