Administrator, Emergency Department – NYC Health + Hospitals – New York, NY

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Responsible for the day-to-day oversight, coordination, and evaluation of operations in the Emergency Department (ED). Oversees all emergency care activities, programs, and projects of Emergency Care Services for the health care setting. Ensures the delivery of patient-centered, cost-effective quality care, and a culture of safety across the continuum of care, as well as the optimal utilization of resources and compliance with emergency care standards, resulting in improved outcomes and patient experience.


1. In conjunction with the ED and health care setting leadership, develops long-term plans for growth, operational efficiency and clinical excellence for the ED.

2. Leads the day-to-day operations of emergency care services through effective planning, organizing, prioritizing and evaluating of operational activities. Ensures alignment with the System’s mission, values and business goals and assesses the overall effectiveness of operations.

3. Oversees the monitoring and evaluation of operational metrics including volumes, efficiency and operational performance and routinely monitors and reports on them.

4. Partners with senior leadership, clinical staff and other key stakeholders to advance emergency care programs and initiatives and to recommend changes in patient care standards to meet various requirements of accrediting and other regulatory agencies.

5. Monitors the effectiveness of the department’s activities and departmental quality assurance programs to ensure compliance with all required protocols and regulations. Establishes service goals, identifies current problems affecting the quality of service, and recommends service and process improvement initiatives utilizing cost-effective solutions and enhancements.

6. In collaboration with ED leadership, reviews, analyzes, monitors and assesses the progress and effectiveness of the health care setting(s) in attaining goals, standards and priorities by ensuring appropriate internal evaluative and auditing mechanisms are built into design of emergency care service systems.

7. Monitors and reviews departmental safety data, meets with department heads across the health care setting to review, coordinate and enforce patient safety activities and collaborates with staff to create strategies and recommendations for interventions and appropriate control measures.

8. Oversees the non-clinical administrative duties and the supervision of non-clinical staff of the Department of Emergency Medicine.

9. In conjunction with the patient experience team, develops and implements long- and short-term patient satisfaction and process improvement strategies.

10. Develops, monitors, and presents annual budgets, including forecasting of revenue trends and expenses analysis, and allocation of funds and ensures operations run within budgetary guidelines. Communicates budget-related activities and progress to appropriate leadership.

11. Oversees processes governing the operation and maintenance of all emergency services equipment, instruments and supplies. Ensures equipment needs are met, participates in the selection of new equipment, and follows safety and quality management standards, including allotment of sufficient space for performance of emergency service duties by staff.

12. Monitors the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) turn-around times in the ED, works with the Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) system interface and any other efficiency metrics employed by the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY); serves as a liaison to FDNY and other appropriate external organizations and groups, as assigned.

13. Participates in internal/external quality assurance/performance improvement (QA/PI) activities, programs, training and relevant health care events, and in special projects and assignments related to emergency care services, as required and directed.

14. Ensures ongoing compliance and maintenance of NYC Health + Hospitals policies and procedures with national standards and other applicable external regulatory requirements, guidelines and accreditation authorities, as well as safety and quality management standards

15. Ensure that the Registration Staff has the knowledge, skills and ability to perform the essential function of the registration process.

16. Work with the Finance team to put clear processes are in place so that the correct information is received from patients while in the Emergency Department.

17. In conjunction with the supply team, ensure that the Emergency Room has the necessary supplies on a daily basis.

18. Create necessary policies and procedures that will meet the goals of the department.

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