Senior Front End Engineer – Carta – San Francisco, CA

At Carta we create owners and make private markets liquid.

We live in a world where some people live on the equity stack and enjoy exponential wealth growth and preferential tax treatment; others live on the debt stack and may work their entire lives for a company and retire only with the cash they’ve managed to save from their paychecks. Our contribution to solving the wealth inequality problem is moving people from the debt stack (payroll) to the equity stack. By making it as easy to issue equity to employees as it is to put them on payroll, we can create more owners.

At Carta, we are helpful, transparent, fair, and kind. We are relentless executors, unconventional thinkers, and masters of our craft.

To learn more, here is what one of our investors wrote about leading our Series F.

The Web Presence team at Carta is a creative group of interactive, visual designers, design technologists and engineers – and we’re just getting started! We are building a design system for that brings equity and ownership to life. We nurture a creative team environment that promotes taking risks and being bold. We measure success not by pages or features shipped, but rather by the impact we drive for the business.

The Problems You’ll Solve

We are developing Carta’s Web Presence experience to be the best one-stop-shop for all things equity. We are looking for a Sr Software Engineer (Frontend) to scale and own the Web Presence System at Carta. You will be in charge of implementation for and other microsites. You care as much about responsive design as you do about web accessibility, SEO, and performance. You will establish rules for creating a scalable system, to which others will contribute. You will monitor applications, making sure they work as intended and perform well. You will debug problems if they arise, traversing all layers of the web application to understand it fully.

  • Implement and code and other microsites
  • Migrate our current WordPress site to GatsbyJS or Contentful
  • Build and grow a world class design system for Carta’s web presence
  • Collaborate closely with designers, product managers, and web strategists to develop new pages for
  • Understand the long term strategic value of the Carta Platform and brand
  • Help the team influence strategic decisions across all corners of Carta’s web presence
  • 5+ years of relevant web development experience – ideally at a tech forward, software company
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and CSS preprocessors coding experience
  • React, Javascript, TypeScript, coding skills, and familiarity with Git
  • Strong knowledge of web development and CMS platforms such as Gatsby and Contentful
  • Good sense of usability and design in consumer applications
  • Strong communication skills to coordinate cross team efforts and enjoy solving problems that are crucial to the business, impacting the whole organization
  • A true passion and expertise of building, coding, and maintaining websites
  • Eye for design, experience designing, or working closely with designers
  • Self motivated and seeks to solve problems independently
  • Familiar with analytics and web monitoring platforms such as Google Analytics, Amplitude or Looker
  • Prior knowledge of third party software, such as Marketo and Drift is a plus, but not required

Our team consists of people who are happy to help you learn everything you need to be successful at Carta.

Our team believes that interviews are a two-way process and we strive to make them enjoyable without any “gotchas.” The interview process starts with a call with a member of our warm, amazing recruiting team who will tell you more about the job and the company. Then, you’ll meet the engineering manager for the Corp Core team, Jayesh, who will walk you through the specifics of the position, the team structure, what we’re looking for, and of course, answer any questions you will have. This interview will last 45 minutes. Then there’s a technical take home assignment where you’ll be working on a practical problem in the language of your choice. The take home assignment is not timed but most people take about two hours or less. Finally, we will schedule you for another four or five meetings with other team members to discuss everything from Carta’s culture to cross-team collaboration and what you can expect, and what is expected from you.

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