Health Services Representative – Extra Help – The County of Santa Clara – Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – San Jose, CA

Under general supervision to perform a combination of specialized clerical tasks that may involve client registration, scheduling and interviewing, telephone screening, medical insurance eligibility and account processing for clients to either a patient care area or agency program service site throughout Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System.

This recruitment is for EXTRA-HELP (Temporary) assignments in the Santa Clara Health System.

NOTE: Candidates who meet the employment standards will be invited to take an online examination. The online exam is tentatively scheduled for the week of May 10.

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(Positions may perform any of the following tasks, depending on the area of assignment. No single position will encompass all the tasks listed, nor is the list below exhaustive.)

  • Interviews clients to obtain personal and financial data and to determine ability to pay for hospital and/or medical services or program eligibility;
  • May suggest alternative services, programs or additional insurance coverage available to clients for a variety of Federal, State, and County programs, including Medi-Cal, Medicare and special programs;
  • Prepares insurance billing forms including Medi-Care and Medi-Cal;
  • Prepares medical admission packets and medical record file setup including all required departmental forms, releases, and identifying labels;
  • Queries and inputs registration and billing information in the computer and reverts to manual system on stat admissions and/or computer down time;
  • Prepares necessary documents for emergency medical admissions;
  • Uses cardwriter/imprinter to prepare identification cards for billing purposes, issues receipts, and may use a variety of office equipment;
  • Answers telephones and responds to inquiries regarding emergency medical treatments;
  • Refers callers appropriately according to their needs; refers all medical information and advice calls to the telephone advice nurse or clinic RN and processes messages for providers/nursing staff as needed;
  • Assists clients with completion of forms and paperwork;
  • Maintains a back up log book of admissions;
  • Deals with law enforcement agencies and ambulance personnel regarding emergency admissions;
  • Notifies relatives of emergency ambulance admittance;
  • May follow through to obtain necessary information when client is unable to respond;
  • Provides information to the public or to staff that requires the use of judgment and the application and interpretation of policies, rules or procedures;
  • Arranges for transportation of patients via Taxi, Medicar, Hospital Transportation Service, Outreach or in emergency situations, with ambulance services;
  • May estimate cost of certain medical services, arrange payment plan, and collect payments for medical services rendered;
  • Schedules appointments for a variety of medical clinics, either by telephone or in person utilizing a computerized patient registration system;
  • Maintains appointment books for a variety of medical clinics;
  • Advises clients of specialty clinics, billing procedures and diagnostic procedures;
  • Telephones clients to remind them of future appointments;
  • Maintains and updates patient location;
  • Classifies and codes diagnoses on clients’ charge documents to ensure reimbursement for medical services;
  • Classifies and codes a wide variety of diseases or medical condition according to the International Classification of Disease Standards;
  • Maintains files, indexes and manuals on International Classification of Diseases;
  • Posts medical statistics to daily log and compile reports on a regular basis;
  • Reviews charge documents for compliance with policies and regulations;
  • Prepares charge documents for batching and maintaining a log;
  • Researches raw data or computer output to correct errors in registration, admission or billing entries or statistics;
  • Assists in training and orienting new clerical and professional medical staff in the procedures of the unit;
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Demonstrated education, training and work experience in a medical services setting which has provided an opportunity to perform a variety of moderately difficult medical office clerical tasks and an opportunity to acquire the following:

Experience Note: A qualified candidate would typically acquire the knowledge and abilities listed below by having one (1) year of work experience in a medical setting or agency program service site that required the use of medical terminology and direct contact with clients in a clinic, program service site or similar medical office setting.

Completion of a recognized medical assistant program can be substituted for six (6) months of the above work experience.

Knowledge of:

  • Basic office practices and procedures including reception, filing and the operation of standard office equipment;
  • General medical terminology;
  • Interviewing techniques;
  • Telephone courtesy;
  • Basic policies and procedures related to medical client services, for processing insurance claims and/or billing charges;
  • Modern office practices and procedures including basic computer skills;
  • Hospital admitting practices;
  • Purpose and use of International Classification of Disease Standards;
  • Types and functions of the various Outpatient Clinics.

Ability to:

  • Perform a variety of clerical duties under occasional stressful situations;
  • Work effectively and prioritize conflicting tasks, sometimes in difficult and stressful situations;
  • Type with accuracy and moderate speed;
  • Prioritize work and coordinate several activities;
  • Explain, verify and/or clarify information necessary in the completion of the medical office clerical tasks;
  • Make arithmetical computations of moderate difficulty;
  • Organize and maintain accurate files and records;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of medical, professional, administrative and support personnel contacted in the course of work.

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