Activities Leader – Petersburg Healthcare Center – Petersburg, VA


The Activities Leader has been placed “in charge of the soul” of our residents. To understand how to complete this task, one must first understand what our residents have experienced during their difficult transitions throughout the aging process. The Activities Leader within the facility is a key team member who will play a major role in being responsible and “in charge of the soul” of our residents. It is the role of the Activities Leader to cultivate the soul of our residents and rehumanize them while creating a “healing” and “caring” community. The Activities Leader as well as other staff must give a resident a reason to live, and motivate our residents by creating social networks and a community within each of our facilities which gives every resident motivation to live to their fullest potential with meaning, purpose, and direction so that each resident may experience personal growth and once again find their uniqueness as an individual. In order to create and implement the concept of a Caring and Healing Community within the facility the Activities Leader is expected to provide ongoing education to staff to better educate staff members on the negative effects of the transition to an institutional setting and to convey how staff members can fight the negative effects of dehumanization within their facility. The Activities Leader is expected to lead by example within the facility and identify needs of residents as well and ensure staff members are following through with requests designed to enhance and improve each of our resident’s quality of life within our facilities.


287 East South Boulevard, Petersburg, Virginia 23805, United States of America

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