Preschool Teacher – Honey Tree Preschool – Wilton, CT

Respect, Caring, Support, Enthusiasm, and Growth are our Core Values At Honey Tree. Our professional staff is close-knit. We work together as a team, and also treat each other like family!

Each family that walks through our doors holds a special place in our hearts. We come to work every day excited to inspire our children to create, learn, grow and explore in a safe, nurturing environment where both the children and the parents feel at home.

Our teachers cultivate a working schedule for the children/classroom, encourage self-direction and also teacher-directed experiences. Balance is the key to success here!

Our focus is on gentle direction and structure. Children should have choices and understand what is expected of them and what to expect throughout the day/week. We feel organization is important so that everyone in the room, children included, can find what they desire, and where to place things when they are done. An organized classroom saves time and makes “play” with the children more enjoyable.

  • Loving and caring for children as if they were your own
  • Respecting family and Honey Tree Values, with
  • Providing a safe environment
  • Going above and beyond state regulation requirements
  • Curriculum planning and implementation
  • Cleaning
  • Continuing education and more!


Kind, reliable, punctual, well versed in Early Childhood as well as:

  • You MUST want to make a difference in children and their family’s lives!
  • You must love to give hugs, wipe boogers, hold a crying toddler, and eat pretend food like a champ!
  • You must not take yourself too seriously. Can you be silly and fun enough all day in order to get a couple of two-year old’s attention?
  • You must be able to belt “Let it Go”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “Baby Shark” and so many other songs at the top of your lungs several times a day with the kids to provide entertainment…
  • You must be able to read a book to a bunch of busy bodies
  • You must be able to identify and remember the names of 20+ kids, parents, grandparents, blankies, coats, socks, hair bows, and any other item that has ever entered your classroom and know the location.
  • You must be able to handle a meltdown and interpret crying, pointing, and lots of emotions to figure out what happened, all while making sure the rest of the class is okay. Multi-tasking is a LIFESAVER!
  • You must be prepared to laugh, love, and learn more about children than you ever have. This is by far one of the most joyous places to work, but you must be prepared to accept the challenges and benefits this job has to offer. Yes, you will have many days where you go home tired and exhausted….but you won’t be able to wait to go back the next day to see children that you think of as your own and help them sing the A,B,C’s for the first time or teach them how to snap.

We love what we do, come see Honey Tree Preschool and we know you’ll fall in love too!

Starting annual salary based on experience and education – between $24k-29k. We also offer occasional paid lunches, staff contests with prizes, holiday parties, Staff Outings, HEALTHCARE, 401K MATCH, PTO, PAID CONTINUING EDUCATION, DIRECT DEPOSIT, and PROFIT SHARING too! Don’t wait – Become Part of Our Team Today!

Job Type: Full-time

Annual Salary: $24k-29k

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