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Pediatric Echo Sonographer

Pay: $50/hour

Hours: 7a-3:30p, 7:30a-4:00p, 8:30a-5:00p. Client changes up throughout the week to different start times.


Echo Sonographer II

Responsibility A: Performs echocardiographic exams

  • Performs high quality normal and complex echocardiographic exams enabling the cardiology staff to make accurate diagnoses of various congenital and acquired pediatric heart abnormalities.
  • Functions independently when performing echo exams, including the ability to cohesively discuss and express opinion about possible diagnosis with staff.
  • Operates any type of ultrasound equipment and collects data independently, differentiating quality of the data for further quantification.

Responsibility B: Assists with technical echocardiographic training

  • Assists and participates with technical echocardiographic training/instruction of technologists, Pediatric Fellows and visitors on an ongoing schedule.
  • Participates in orientation plan and acts as preceptor.
  • Recognizes and trouble shoots problems with equipment, settings, transducers, transducers orientation while instructing, explaining these technical problems and advising resolution of problems via “hands on technique.”

Responsibility C: Performs operational maintenance

  • Performs daily operational maintenance of the Echo Lab supplies and equipment, ensuring that all supplies and equipment are checked for deficiencies and are safe for operation.
  • Prepares equipment and the patient rooms (stocks linen and supplies) for daily operational use.

Responsibility D: Focus on Customer Service

  • Demonstrates customer service skills.
  • Works with departmental staff and other healthcare professions to ensure high quality patient care.

Responsibility E: Other Essential Job Duties

  • Seeks opportunities for professional development by participating and attending in-services, educational seminars, and tech/staff meetings.
  • Prepares and delivers educational offerings to echo sonographer staff.
  • Engages in quality assurance control in the team.
  • Works as alternative locations as needed to support patient care at the discretion of direct supervisor/manager or designee
  • Ensures completion of all departmental, regulatory and professional training requirements as prescribed.
  • Shares “on call” duties with peers, as assigned by direct supervisor/manager or designee.
  • Other duties as assigned

Echo Sonographer III Responsibilities

Responsibility A: Same as Echo Sonographer II Responsibility A
Responsibility B: Same as Echo Sonographer II Responsibility B
Responsibility C: Same as Echo Sonographer II Responsibility C
Responsibility D: Same as Echo Sonographer II Responsibility D
Responsibility E: Same as Echo Sonographer II Responsibility E

**As much pediatric echo experience as possible and in a children’s hospital. **


  • Knowledge of echocardiographic procedures and exams.
  • Ability to operate expertly the ultrasound equipment with specialized Cardiology software, TEE operations, and a desktop


  • Ability to learn ultrasound equipment with specialized Cardiology software and operate at a basic level the following

equipment: blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter, and desktop computer.


Required- Technical diploma from school of ultrasound (e.g. Diagnostic Medical Sonography) or Bachelor’s degree in biological science
Required- RDCS (Cert-Reg Diag. Cardiac Sono) from American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) or RCS (Cert-Registered Cardiac SONO) from Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) or RCCS (Cert-Reg Congenital Cardi Sono) from Cardiovascular Credentialing International or CRCS (Cert-Canada Reg Cardiac Songr) from Sonography Canada
Sonographer II Experience Requires- 1 year experience as an echo sonographer in a pediatric environment
Sonographer III Experience Requires- 5 years experience as an echo sonographer with two (2) years in a pediatric environment.

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