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Licensed Practical Nurse – Respiratory Care Service – UPMC – Pittsburgh, PA

Administer Respiratory Care according to physician orders or established protocols.

Administer therapeutic gases such as oxygen as prescribed or according to department protocols.

Administer respiratory therapy treatments as prescribed by a physician to include aerosol therapy, chest physical therapy, incentive spirometry, intermittent positive pressure breathing, facial CPAP, nocturnal studies and suctioning.

Assist therapist in maintaining artificial ventilation.

Evaluate effectiveness of Respiratory Care to include patient response to therapy and evaluate for treatment effectiveness.

Administer all forms of standard oxygen therapy as ordered by physician.

Assist with cardiac compression, airway management, and artificial ventilation.

Assist with the delivery of respiratory therapy equipment throughout the hospital to maintain supply.

Assemble, maintain, and evaluate therapy and oxygen devices to ensure equipment is operable and in safe working condition.

Perform documentation of all respiratory services rendered.

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