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Contract Analyst/Executive Coordinator – Ottumwa Regional Health Center – Ottumwa, IA

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIESThe Contract Analyst works under the direct supervision of the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the oversight of the Health Center’s contract management program. Ensures contracts are complete, accurate and processed in a timely manner. Advises Health Center personnel as necessary regarding contract requirements. Develops and maintains a contract tracking system and database to ensure that contracts are reviewed prior to expiration. Collaborates with CFO as needed. Prepares correspondence as needed.

SUPERVISOR – Chief Financial Officer

SUPERVISES –No supervisory duties


  • Develops, writes and/or edits drafts of contracts prepared on behalf of Health Center or by external entities
  • Works with RegionalCare Health Partners, Associate General Counsel and staff to ensure that contracts are written and formatted in compliance with negotiated contract terms, and in accordance with state, federal, regulatory and Health Center compliance program requirements.
  • Maintains a system and database to ensure efficient administration of contracts
  • Coordinates the negotiation of contracts as needed
  • Liaison in the resolution of problems as they occur during the contract period.
  • Provides assistance with the maintenance of the contract database for other departments
  • Collaborate with staff, department directors, administrators and physicians as necessary.
  • Oversee/manage the Compliance360 database system to ensure efficient administration of contracts.
  • Oversee/manage negotiation of contracts and solicitations for contracts.
  • Maintain collegial relationships with physicians.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with contract vendors.
  • Follow RegionalCare’s contract approval process.
  • Initiate the contract renewal process with department directors.
  • Maintains a system and database to ensure efficient administration of contracts
  • Meet all standards of performance heretofore listed, to ensure quality care in the safest environment possible.
  • Fulfills duties of the Executive Administrative Coordinator in his/her absence.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of contract review processes
  • Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Clear, concise and persuasive writing skills
  • Word Processing PC skills, knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel


  • Knowledge of contract requirements and processes.
  • Knowledge of laws pertaining to contracts


  • Experience working in an office setting
  • Experience working with contracts
  • Experience working in a healthcare setting


  • None Required

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