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Victim Services Advocate – UCAN – Chicago, IL


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3605 W. Fillmore Street, Chicago, IL. 60624

Description: The Victim Services Advocate works with youth and adults who have been impacted by gun and street violence. This is facilitated by crisis intervention, case management, support and advocacy to the individual and their family. Utilizing UCAN’s Clinical Philosophy, the Advocate facilitates healing through trauma informed services and Positive Youth Development and provides support and encouragement individually and in collaboration with members of the VIPS and overall UCAN teams. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Mentoring and Supporting Participants:
Demonstrates supportive behavior and role models positive appropriate interactions.
Maintains in-person contact with each active participant on a weekly basis, at minimum.
Provide direct case management and emergency support services to participants and their families in community, hospitals, and in office.
Provide support and advocacy to the participant and their families through home visits, hospital visits, phone calls, criminal justice advocacy, and referrals to other support organizations.
Assist participants in accessing resources, such as Victim’s Compensation, Short Term Disability, affordable healthcare, and mental health services.
Required to participate in team meetings and required trainings.
Actively participates in committees (AIC, Diversity) and agency events.
Engage with partner agencies to create network of support for individuals and their families affected by violence.
Works interdepartmentally to foster UCAN continuum of care and suggests improvements from participant’s perspective.
Coordinates and facilitates activities for workshops and groups for program participants.
Possesses a basic understanding of the effects of trauma and operate from that perspective when interacting with participants and families.
Required to act as a mandated reporter.
Works with participants on violence prevention skills (i.e., anger management, conflict resolution, and other life skills).
Using a strengths-based approach, engages participants in strategies to improve participation in needed services.
Assists participants with setting and completing individual goals.
Assists participants with becoming involved in positive activities such as tutoring, counseling, employment, and recreation.
Documents service delivery to individuals and families impacted by violence in timely manner as
required by program and grant.
Knowledge and influence of the target communities being served.
Knowledge of or willingness to learn about Chicago and communities with histories of violence.
Able to lift 25-50 pounds.
Able to stand for long periods of time.
Perform other related tasks as required by the grant.
Community Relations:
Establish and maintain relationships with local service providers, government and law
representatives, community leaders, and faith institutions to enhance community relations and to
strengthen referral sources for participants.
Occasionally will be required to attend community meetings (i.e., elected officials’ meetings beat
meetings, community discussions) and serves as a representative of UCAN.
Required to attend and participate in a minimum of 2 community events a week.
Professionalism and Work Conduct:
Behaves with integrity, demonstrates high ethical standards, and displays a positive image of UCAN.
Adheres to UCAN dress code.
Acts in a professional manner at all times and maintains appropriate boundaries with participants
and their family members.
Demonstrates accountability for results and keeps commitments to others.
Reports to work, meetings, training, and job related activities prepared and as scheduled.
Demonstrates openness and respect for cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of participants
and coworkers.
Accepts feedback and ideas from team and supervisor and is constructive when giving feedback
and ideas to others.
Discusses alternative problem solving and is open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
Adheres to VIPS department values.
Professional Development
Required to attend regular supervision, team meetings, required training, and other professional
workshops to enhance job skills.
Sets annual developmental goals with supervisor to meet learning needs and interests, while also
enhancing job performance and skills.
Requirements: Qualifications and Requirements: BSW or BA/BS in a human service field or relevant experience. Interpersonal skills to interact with many different people and engage in moment of crisis. Proficient in computer typing and programs for documentation and reporting purposes. Experience working in highest risk communities. While the organization mostly serves youth and emerging adults, the Victim Services Advocate may support anyone (youth and adults) who are affected by gun and street violence. o Highest risk population criteria are as follows: 16-25 years old; recently released from prison or jail for a violent offense; shot within the last 90 days; someone close to the participant was shot, stabbed, or killed; active in violent street organization; history of violence/crimes against persons; weapons carrier; or engaged in high risk activity. Knowledge of local community resources (services providers, programs). Flexibility to work a dynamic schedule that includes evening hours. Must have a valid driver’s license, valid auto insurance, and a registered vehicle. Is open and respectful of cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of participants and is willing and competent to work with a diverse participant population. Has an understanding of trauma-informed practice. Has an understanding of Positive Youth Development. No pending criminal cases. Date Revised: May 2020 Work Environment: This position requires work off-site and in the community. This position may require the transportation of participants and/or their families. Work Conditions: This position will require work on weekends and evenings. Please note that tis position is located in Chicago IL.

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