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VACUUM TECHNICIAN 2021 Season from $16-$20/hr – Gibbons Pool – Islandia, NY

Please apply to [email protected].


Vacuum technicians should have experience with filter systems and chemical testing/water balancing. Experience means that you can do the following:

  • Operate a vacuum cart
  • Operate a drop test kit and get correct results.
  • Add the right amount of chemicals based on test results, pool volume, and site conditions.
  • Basic understanding of equipment on the pad.
  • Successfully navigate in all areas of Long Island.
  • Maintain a valid NYS driver’s license and speak fluent English.

We offer a competitive salary, medical benefits, paid time off, 401K with company match.

  • Apprentice
  • Vacuum Technician
  • Level 1 Technician
  • Level 2 Technician
  • Commercial Service

Qualified applicants will have a valid NYS driver’s license, ability to speak, understand, and write English, and most importantly the desire to be part of a winning team.

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