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General Technologist: Electronic Materials R&D (Mid-Career) – Sandia National Laboratories – Livermore, CA

Are you passionate about your work and dream of working with state-of-the-art scientific facilities? Are you ready to join a dynamic team that explores the forefront of electronic and photonic materials?

Our department is seeking a self-motivated R&D General Technologist to perform electronic materials, and device fabrication and characterization supporting a variety of fundamental research projects. You will be fabricating and testing samples and devices using either existing processes or designing new procedures under the supervision of Research Scientists, as well as operating and maintaining various cryogenic systems.

You will add to priority research directions in support of the Department. You will work in an advanced laboratory with interesting and evolving projects. You must be committed to investigative problem-solving and have a strong desire to learn. Attention to detail, critical thinking, excellent laboratory practices, and awareness for laboratory safety are valued attributes in this team member.

You will work with the Research Staff and customers to meet objectives, communicate progress, and assure that goals are met. You will be expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the design and validation of various electronic interfaces between computers and test equipment.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to make important contributions in support of the Department’s growing research activities. Specifically, the duties of the position include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Perform experiments, maintain experimental equipment, develop procedures, analyze results and prepare documentation on test results and conclusions
  • Design and maintain experimental apparatus involving electronics, vacuum and cryogenic systems, including some programing and data acquisition with LabVIEW
  • Develop operation and safety documentation and maintain a safe working environment in the laboratories
  • Provide training to new users for safe operation of the laboratories
  • Work with people outside the department, such as safety coordinators, facilities specialists, external vendors, and local and state inspectors.

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