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Occupational Therapist, PRN – Alma Home Health Skilled Nursing Services – Carlisle, PA


1. Conducts the admission of the patient to the Agency for Occupational Therapy services in
conjunction with other skilled services by:

a. Obtaining a medical history, particularly as it relates to the present condition, from the
patient and/or family members.
b. Developing and implementing the plan of care. A new plan of care isprepared every 60-62 days for
those patients who need continued services.
c. Conducting a physical examination of the patient, including: physical assessment, functional
limitations, and any other additional needs.
d. Involving patients and their families/caregivers in developing plans of care whenever possible.
e. Evaluating the patient, family members, and home situation to determine what health teaching
will be required.
f. Evaluating the patient’s environment to determine what assistance will be available from family
members in caring for the patient.

g. Treats patients to relieve pain, develop or restore functions and maintain maximum
performance, using physical means such as: teaching exercise techniques, task oriented therapeutic,
creative and self-care activities designed to improve or restore physical function.
For example:
1. Teaches compensatory techniques to improve the level of independence in ADL’s.
2. Designs, fabricates and fits orthotic and self-help devices.
3. Provides vocational and prevocational assessment training.
4. Arranges for the provision on an outpatient basis, of services which involves the use of
equipment which cannot be made readily available in the plan of care, in the patient’s home.
5. Observes, records and reports to the physician, the patient’s reaction to treatment and any
changes in the patient’s condition.
6. Instructs other health team personnel including, when appropriate, home health aides and family
members in certain phases of occupational therapy with which they may work with thepatient.
7. Instructs family on patient’s total therapy program.
8. Records clinical notes each visit and provides them to the agency to be placed in the
patient’s permanent record including, supervisory visits, discharge summary and transfer summary..
9. Participates with the entire health care team in initiating discharge planning at the time of
10. Participates with the team in case conference
11. Participates in in-service education programs.
12. Keeps abreast of current trends and developments in areas of Occupational Therapy by attending
in-services, seminars, research and through active participation in professional organizations.
13. Physically able to life 50 pounds or more.

2. Responsible to ensure that all agency related activities are conducted in such a way as to
ensure the agency’s financial solvency.

3. Responsible to conduct him/herself in such a way that if there are questions orconcerns
regarding the agency or agency personnel that it will be brought to the attention of his/her
immediate supervisor.

4. Supervises the OTA using the following criteria:
No less than one of 7 visits made to the patient during a 14 day period, or once every14 calendar
days, whichever occurs first.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $60.00 – $75.00 per hour


  • Flexible schedule

Medical Specialty:

  • Home Health


  • Master’s (Preferred)


  • OTR (Preferred)
  • Occupational Therapy License (Preferred)

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