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Activities Assistant – Prestige Care Center Of Plattsmouth – Plattsmouth, NE

Assist in planning, coordinating, implementing, and conducting therapeutic activity programs on a daily basis to meet each resident’s individual interests and to enhance the resident’s highest practicable level of physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

Familiarize self with and implement each resident’s Interdisciplinary Plan of Care in regards to the activity program.

Strive to implement activities that meet/work toward the resident’s goal on his/her care plan.

Have knowledge of each resident’s interests by reading the Initial/Annual Activity Assessments.

Encourage all residents’ involvement in recreational opportunities and provide necessary tools to facilitate involvement.

Document resident attendance and participation thoroughly and accurately in activity programs, both independent activities and programmed activities.

Safely transport residents to and from activities—in-house or out of facility.

Assist with or complete resident assessments as directed by supervisor.

Report resident incidents/accidents to the Charge Nurse immediately.

Report change in behavior and any health concerns of a resident to the Charge Nurse immediately.

Direct/assist residents to activities as needed and be sure he/she has his/her personal supplies (i.e. glasses, hearing aides, etc…) he/she needs while in the activity.

Direct/assist residents in the Special Care Unit to/from activity programs. To ensure their safety, remain with them, or designate another individual to stay with them, prior to the activity and during the activity. Assist them back to the Special Care Unit immediately after the activity.

Assist in personalizing resident’s rooms to make for a more home- like atmosphere for him/her.

Implementing 1:1 program for assigned residents—making this time meaningful for each resident involved. Understand the purpose and therapeutic value of each individual’s program.

Assist in bringing new ideas to the activity program and in implementing them.

When a resident requires assistance in a social to have a snack or drink, ask appropriate nursing staff member to assist this resident.

Ensure the daily mail is delivered to all residents within 24 hours of delivery to the facility’s post office box. Pick up the mail from the post office on the days that the business office is not available to do so.

Treat all residents equally—showing no favoritism.

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